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RT @TheLocalFrance: Scandal of paedophile teachers rocks France: http://t.co/bZnjBtauUP http://t.co/GE3kgVUEuG
RT @TheLocalFrance: BREAKING: Three people confirmed dead in French Alps avalanche: http://t.co/thfEmeo4FG http://t.co/dUdEgLnlh4
RT @TheLocalFrance: BREAKING: Reports that eight tourists are missing in French #Alps after massive #avalanche http://t.co/thfEmeo4FG via @…
Mystery over death of British cyclist at Eze on French Riviera http://t.co/ttrAq65D2N
EasyJet makes emergency landing after passenger punches stewardess over sandwich. EasyJet wants prosecution. Good ! http://t.co/usSYrr1C6E
Riviera Reporter Daily is out! http://t.co/KUdq2dB1RL

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Expat Issues The Local

Europe in stats: from Spain to Sweden

From women in the workplace to income inequality, the differences between European countries are getting greater in lots of areas. The Nordic countries do well when it comes to income inequality, with Sweden and Denmark among the most equal places in Europe. But while inequality is slowly rising in the north, Italy is slowly becoming more equal – and is already more equal than Spain and the UK. You might be surprised to learn that…
Local Living Lisa Pepin

Lifestyles of the rich and famous on the Côte d'Azur, who cares?

The South of France is known for being the second home to many of the world’s rich and famous. But when the rest of the world sees photos of celebrities walking the red carpet at Cannes or partying at Paloma Beach Club, they assume that those of us who live here spend our days knee-deep in movie stars, industry moguls and rock icons. But their paths don’t cross with those of mere mortals as often as people seem to think. And when they do,…
Community Riviera Reporter

Freemasons built on tradition at Abbey Lodge

The changes brought about by the progressive construction of a railway network across Europe in the 19th century have been the subject of many books, and at least one recent television programme. In 1864, four years after Nice became part of France after the Second World War of Italian Independence, the first railway was completed along the coast of the French Riviera making Nice, Menton and Monaco accessible to visitors from all over Europe.…

Victory for second-home owners in France, social charges deemed illegal

Doing It in France Riviera Reporter
France has finally lost its war against British second-home owners, after the European Court ruled it “illegal” to…

Social contributions on properties: A break for EU non-residents in France?

Doing It in France Peter Johnson
Towards the end of 2014 there was massive debate about the legality of the French tax office charging “social…

Tips for selling your house in winter

We all know our houses can look less than inviting during the winter months and even on the French Riviera it can get…

Liguria like a local: Dolceacqua

Visiting the Riviera Chrissie McClatchie
One of my many New Year’s resolutions for my blog, The Riviera Grapevine, is to start documenting all the wonderful…

A portrait of modern France in ten stats

Eye on France Simone Flückiger
France’s National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has released its 2014 social portrait of the…

Elizabeth Finn Care: Charity that helps when in financial difficulty

Expat Issues Mary Hughes
Elizabeth Anne Finn and her daughter, Constance, founded Elizabeth Finn Care (EFC), previously The Distressed…

Bread delivery: “Les porteuses de pain” of days gone by

Features Margo Lestz
If you like bread, then when you’re in France you probably stop by the boulangerie, or bakery, every day to buy a…

Homes and Houses: La Canabière, Mons

In property parlance there is away-from-it-all, and then there is La Canabière. The location of this outstanding…

UK election fever? You must be joking!

Expat Issues Riviera Reporter
The British general election of 2015 is almost upon us and never has an outcome been as unpredictable or of more…

The day France didn’t stand still when “Charlie Hebdo” was attacked

Eye on France Elodie Peyrano
It was supposed to be a nice morning. Indeed it started off well enough, sunny, not too cold. In fact, looking back,…
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