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Riviera Reporter Daily is out! http://t.co/4zrEhdPOjg

Articles and News Features

How Compassion Sans Frontières saved the life of little Ismaïl

Philippe Laïk had just flown in from the US when he took the call in the back of a Parisian taxi. His cook was calling from the Laïk mansion above Menton, her voice trembling as she passed on the bad news. Her 11-year-old nephew, Ismaïl Dlimi, lay close to death in a Moroccan hospital. His heart had failed, and he had already “died” and been resuscitated twice. The situation was desperate; the family of the young lad did not know where to turn…
Property and Pools Riviera Reporter

Agency fees for renters finally capped

Since September 15th, 2014, those costly “agency fees” that renters in France have to pay when they go through a real estate agency are now set according to the size of the apartment and where it’s located. This is thanks to the rental access and urban planning law (ALUR). The fee usually when you sign a lease as a locataire is about one month’s rent but there has never been a cap on the charge. Now, for those living in and around Paris, the…
Expat Issues Riviera Reporter

Voting rights and wrongs for British expats

As the 2015 UK general election draws near, some expat Britons here remain unhappy with the fact that they still don’t have a national vote anywhere – neither in Britain, if they’d lived overseas for more than 15 years, nor in France where they pay their taxes. One solution is to take out French nationality, which at least gives the right to vote in France. Another might come with François Hollande’s proposal to give the vote to resident…

The National Museum of Sport is sure to score

Visiting the Riviera Riviera Reporter
If you’re a museum enthusiast, then you’ll know the Riviera boasts many, ranging from modest village exhibits to the…

Linguistic expert Troy Titterington on making the most of a bilingual education

With another school year underway, newly arrived expats may be feeling the impact from the decision to move to a foreign…

Too bad if your yacht's too big for Villefranche

Yachting and Boating Michael Healy
One of the world’s most beautiful bays is right here on our Riviera: Villefranche, with its historical old town and…

Monte-Carlo Golf Club: Golfing on top of the world

If the gods played golf, then the Monte-Carlo Golf Club would be their home course. As you thread your way up the…

Homes and Houses: The secret appeal of a “mas” market gem, Le Pavillon

Property and Pools Riviera Reporter
Ronald van der Meij carefully put down the bottle of wine he had just selected and, straining his ears, tried to make…

Provence Diary: Castaway in Provence

Features Jamie Ivey
So here they all come, in their red-kneed posh-car glory, the tourists, nicknamed the gibier d’été, because with no…

Gardening: The essence of a dry garden

Outdoors and Nature James Basson
As specialists in dry gardens we often get asked, “So you do cactus gardens?” While of course cacti and succulent plants…

A journey of a thousand miles through France begins with … a reservation

Travel Lisa Pepin
Even though it’s one of the most visited regions on the planet, the South of France is a geographical oddity in the…

Photography: Ed Holt, to sea through his lens

Features Mike Meade
Digital cameras have simplified many aspects of the photographer’s craft but the old adage rings as true as ever – by…

Gene Budig, Major League President, joins Monaco US Business Roundtable

Expat Issues PJ Heslin
First in a series on the movers and shakers behind the Monaco US Business Roundtable. We all have that moment. No matter…
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