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UK: Britain First threatens to target London Mayor Sadiq Khan with 'direct action' https://t.co/8mncaZWPFb
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UK TAX: Osborne's deal with Google in spotlight as French authorities raid company's offices https://t.co/18Nma48NLl
REFERENDUM: What to the alternatives to EU membership look like? https://t.co/yHBTQSW2h7
REFERENDUM: Lisbon Treaty Article 50: What happens if UK votes for Brexit? https://t.co/Tbq9iclvlA
TRAVEL: How French rail services will be hit by this week's strike https://t.co/jWl2s925eJ
FRANCE: Special ops units to police Tour de France for first time https://t.co/lJbux7OiQm
MONACO GP: Fast cars & fashion on the French Riviera - BBC Sport https://t.co/vEIqh6zAJn

Articles and News Features

Community Stefani “Spooky” Cooper

In the good books of the English Library at St Paul’s Monaco

One of the best things in the world is to curl up somewhere comfortable and open a book. Kindles, tablets and all the other electronic paraphernalia that intrude upon our lives have their place (I’m not a total Luddite!), but books are special, more tangible, and have been with us longer. Reading the story is, of course, the climax of any relationship with a book, but there is also the excitement of choosing. Wandering…

Open-air food markets for healthier, seasonal local produce

One of the most pleasant aspects about living on the French Riviera is exploring the open-air food markets. From Mandelieu to Menton, almost every town and village along the coast has its own marché offering an ever-changing variety of just-picked seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, to inspire chefs and foodies alike. Aside from the novelty, there’s plenty of evidence that eating what the season provides naturally –…

How might Brexit affect owning a property in France?

Brexit! There, I said it. I am sure the Editor is going to have kittens at yet another Brexit story (see Brexit Report), but here it goes. Clearly, this story is dominating the English-speaking press at the moment and the claims and counterclaims by one side then the next is bewildering, to say the least. Even the experts can’t agree on what is best for Britain. As far as current and potential French homeowners from the…

Expats fight against cancer with Cancer Support Group 06

Community Sarah Legon
You don’t need to go through it alone. As Sarah Legon explains, an English-speaking support group is here to help.…

How paying your income tax in France is going to change

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin signalled in March 2016 that a long talked about reform will definitely go ahead…

Marie Antoinette’s cats and an American rescue attempt

Features Margo Lestz
Did you know that Marie Antoinette almost escaped the guillotine and ended up in Maine, USA? Of course, we all know she…

Dealing with paperwork as a freelancer

Guess that’s why they call it the (Gauloises) Bleues. It was perhaps an oversight on my part to expect my wife, who…

Red wines for winter

Table Talk Alex Ignatieff
Winter was upon us! Bliss. Collapsing into a bucket chair on a terrace in the mountains wondering whether lunch will be…

How the gay community on the Riviera has grown

Community Jameson Farn
May 17th, 2016, is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Riviera resident Jameson Farn talks…

Provence Diary: Not the king of the castle

Features Dan Briggs
In general, attempting to speak in French to the French elicits a positive response. There may be a disconcerting pause…

Interview with Carol Drinkwater, the bee’s knees

Reading Barth Hulley
Barth Hulley sits down with author Carol Drinkwater to discuss writing, racism and pollinators. Carol Drinkwater is best…

Happy May Day! La Fête du Muguet, a day to give a flower to someone you love

Features Margo Lestz
May 1st is a public holiday in France. It’s called La Fête du Travail, and it’s the equivalent of the US Labor Day. But…

Menopause: The wonder (where I put that) years

“Crying is good for you,” my mum would sniffle after bursting into tears yet again for no reason. I was in my…

10 steps to getting your French mortgage

Property and Pools Riviera Reporter
Step 1: Sort out your finances You’re looking to buy so you’ll need to get an idea of the amount you can borrow when the…

Benoit Buridant: Q&A with CEO & Co-Founder of FrenchFounders

Finance, Tax and Business Riviera Reporter
RR: You were born in Brest in 1985 and grew up in Toulon. Can you tell us a how you ended up in the US? BB: I always…


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