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Riviera Reporter Daily is out!
RT @Independent: Four French journalists have been freed after spending almost a year as hostages in Syria
Nigel Farage rejects offer of Ukip tie to French far-right Front National
Riviera Reporter Daily is out!
Laguiole - French village fights for right to use its name :
Join us, Le Pen urges Farage

Articles and News Features

Features Margo Lestz

American Easter Bunny vs French Easter Bell

As an American living in France, I learned a long time ago that the two cultures have different ideas about many (if not most) things. Still, I was surprised to discover that there was no Easter Bunny in France. But fear not, the French have come up with another method to distribute those Easter eggs to their children. American Easter First, let’s talk about the American Easters of my childhood. The preparation would start the day before…
Health, Sport and Fitness Florian Brehin & Scott Bell

Surfing on the French Riviera

"Bro, you should have been here an hour ago” Most residents on the Côte d’Azur know the Mediterranean only for its warm and inviting summer conditions. But there is a more temperamental and wilder side of the Med that periodically visits the coast from September through May. The storm systems that arrive mostly from the south have been causing ever-increasing damage to the shoreline roadways and businesses. There was even a 10-meter rogue…

Gardening: Right plant, right place. Lessons from landscape

Outdoors and Nature James Basson
A garden is typically made up of three main elements: hardscape – the pathways, driveways, paved surfaces and play…

The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands on home exchange

Reading Riviera Reporter
Secrets of success for a serial swapper Romance and travel are intertwined in Patricia Sands’ latest novel The Promise…

Street food: a moveable feast from food trucks

Local Living Riviera Reporter
Glenn and Richard graduated from culinary schools and worked in 4-star establishments before deciding to branch out on…

Celebrating the Gourd in Nice

Nice is a French city, of course, but it also has a strong and proud culture all its own. It was Niçois long before it…

Mr Piggy goes to market looking for artichokes

Table Talk Riviera Reporter
Mr Piggy is less than pleased if he doesn’t find an artichoke in his trough at this time of year. This is the high…

Home Style: Kitchen Heaven

Features Riviera Reporter
Our recipe for success These days a kitchen has a bigger task on its hands than just producing food for the family. When…

Renting property in France

Property and Pools InterNations
In light of the current weakness of the Euro against some other currencies, particularly the strong British pound,

Should we stay or should we go back to the UK?

Expat Issues Riviera Reporter
The faltering French economy has given some Riviera expats reason to think about moving back to the UK. We spoke with…
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