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RT @TheLocalFrance: BREAKING: France to send an extra 120 riot police to help secure the Channel Tunnel terminal in #Calais:
French Riviera poised to benefit from demand from global wealthy buyers | Europe | News
Lord Sewel resigns over drugs and prostitutes scandal
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RT @France24_en: France evacuates 10,000 campers as Provence burns
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Eye on France The Local

New French rules and regulations: Buckle up and put down that sandwich!

Life slightly changed in France as of July 1st, 2015, with everything from driving rules, dodgy parking and family allowance payments affected. Here’s what you need to know. Road safety According to the Interior Ministry, in 2014 the number of deaths on French roads rose by 3.7% – to a total of 3,388 people, including 503 pedestrians (8%+) and 158 cyclists (7%+). The year 2013 saw the least fatalities from car accidents since 1948; prior to 2014,…
Property and Pools Riviera Reporter

Homes and Houses: Mougins villa of artist Ziva

She is a true artist, and hides behind the exotic name of Ziva. After eight creative and rewarding years living in a stunning Mougins villa, this international woman of mystery is ready to move on, and her home is for sale. Her fantasy-like paintings will be moving with her, intensely personal works that she has so far refused to exhibit or sell. So what do we know of Ziva, who, when asked of the influences on her work, answers simply…
Expat Issues George Donnelly

A matter of FATCA: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act agreement with France

A record 1,335 Americans renounced their passports in the first three months of 2015. According to official US data, this staggering figure is close to 40% of the 3,415 Americans who gave up citizenship last year. A defiant act that, for many, stems from new banking laws tied into FATCA, which requires foreign banks to report to the IRS all accounts held by Americans. In a step towards clamping down on those who evade US taxation by investing…

It’s official: women do bulk of housework in France

Women in France still do the bulk of the housework and most men wouldn’t know a duster if it tickled them on the nose, a…

The Incredible Hauk, a new app for Breaking News

Community Riviera Reporter
Join Hauk for an exclusive Reddit AMA on Wednesday July 22nd, 2015, at 11am EST to learn about their rapid Startup…

Your in-flight entertainment - by British yobs and slobs

Expat Issues Riviera Reporter
As foreign media pick up on the increasing number of British press reports of loutish behaviour at home and abroad,…

Cougourdons in Nice, "A home without a gourd is like an empty nest"

In niçois tradition, the gourd brings good luck. There is even an old proverb that says, “A home without a gourd is like…

Beyond the Arctic Circle: In search of the polar bear

Travel Caren Trafford
I love wildlife programmes but I never believed that the photographs and videos – those close-ups of polar bears as they…

Freelance in France by Barth Hulley

Reading Barth Hulley
If you’re planning to try something new, like jump out of an aeroplane with a silk sheet tied to your back, then you’d…

Champagne moments, in search of a new discovery

Table Talk Alex Ignatieff
Spring is tasting season for the wine trade. A winter of watching snow reports is abruptly ended and the serious job of…

Buying your French home, one step at a time

Here at Leggett Immobilier, we’ve helped thousands of overseas clients to purchase property in France over the past two…

Roque Around Les Coqs in Roquebrune

Visiting the Riviera Richard McCreery
Nestled between the Principality of Monaco and Menton, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin’s oldest part is the perched village,…

How the Eiffel Tower was sold

Features Margo Lestz
It was 1925 and Victor Lustig was sitting in his Paris hotel room reading a newspaper article about the Eiffel Tower.…


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