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Air France creates Hop Air France for short-haul services - Business Traveller http://t.co/36SFEcfzvp
Michael O’Leary: ‘I’d be more inclined to rob money out of people’s pockets’ http://t.co/0n7IwA1Z7L
'Out of sight, out of mind' - Peers debate voting rights and registration of UK expats | http://t.co/x2oriHPsJX
EU Budget : Why France really has nothing to gloat about - http://t.co/e8uKGApomg
Farmers and B&B owners warned fraudsters will target their annual EU payments - http://t.co/zL11jHPerl
Elderly British woman and husband shot dead in French village in apparent murder-suicide http://t.co/2VALycPdrY

Articles and News Features

Local Living Mike Meade

Eyes in the sky - the future in drones

Not long ago the words “aerial drone” conjured up visions of espionage and secretive military attacks in war zones. These days, drones have many other more peaceful uses. Shop-bought models have become common and - perhaps more dangerously - are often seen as toys. Toys which, in the wrong hands, can be illegal, dangerous and invasive. A group protesting private drones recently landed one near German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “so she would…

Grasse is growing with the Golf du Claux Amic

Perched on a mountain plateau high above Grasse, the Claux Amic golf club has one of the best sites of the Riviera courses. It winds its way through a superb natural backdrop of oak and pine forest, blazing here and there with yellow when the broom is in bloom, with stunning views of sea and mountain. There are plenty of reasons why this highly individual course has long been one of my top choices for a day of chasing the little white ball.…
Table Talk Thierry de Buoux

What’s all the kertruffle about a pizza?

Over here. You are supposed to be a hyper-sensitive sniffing machine and you’re going the wrong way. That’s better, now dig. Thank God I’m not going to rot here in this ground. I’m going to be eaten, savoured, perhaps married to an egg, or enveloped in some fluffy Italian rice. Not far away now, God I hope it’s not a pig. Oh the ignominy to be wolfed down a smelly snout when one is so close to the plate. Ah that’s better, snug in an egg…

Home Style: Now you can tap in to that dream bathroom

Features Riviera Reporter
What’s your vision of the perfect bathroom? Elegance and efficiency come at the top of most people’s list, but here’s a…

FANY: The women who drove to World War 1

Features Lynette Beardwood
When the First World War was declared a hundred years ago on August 4th, 1914, one group of women was ready for the…

TAPIF, distance learning for the teacher

Education and Learning Joe Dziedziak
Enseigner, c’est apprendre deux fois.” Though unbeknownst to 18th-century moralist Joseph Joubert, he has written…

Message of Alcoholics Anonymous is carried on the Côte d’Azur

Health, Sport and Fitness Riviera Reporter
Experience, Strength and Hope. Life in the South of France, on the Cote d’Azur – the sun and the sea, and thoughts of…

Sales of French property to UK buyers on the up

As PACA Area Manager of Leggett Immobilier, I can tell you that our half-year figures are in and it’s clear that UK…

Gardening: Unbound inspiration when redesigning

Outdoors and Nature James Basson
Sometimes inspiration for a garden can come from some unlikely sources that can enrich and personalise an individual…

Alex Ignatieff: Wine master’s class in a glass

Table Talk Riviera Reporter
Like the fine wines that he sells, Alex Ignatieff (pictured) has matured very well. Just nudging middle age, the…

Auto-Entreprises: New changes going after small businesses

Business Peter Johnson
In 2013 there was massive debate in France on the future of the Auto-Entrepreneur regime, various lobby groups putting…

Why bestselling Jenny Colgan’s a write-off for the French

Reading Elodie Peyrano
Between the Scottish mist and the endless sun of the French Riviera, there is a thin line. Like her compatriot Robert…

Homes and Houses: In the steps of an Olympian at David Wilkie's Villa

Property and Pools Riviera Reporter
Here’s a chance to splash out on a property that’s been the happy summer home of Britain’s finest swimmer. David Wilkie…
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