About the Riviera Reporter Magazine

The Riviera Reporter Magazine has been "the Bible for Riviera residents" since 1987 and is a must-read for local English speakers of any nationality. The core content is a familiar mix of practical information, French and regional news and human interest ­ all with a largely local slant.

The Riviera Reporter is unique. A vital and parochial presence on the Riviera, the Reporter is where part-time or full-time residents look for essential practical information about living in the south of France.

The Riviera Reporter is distributed free directly to the reader where he lives, plays and works. There are no unsold copies piling up on obscure news-stands. Every copy counts.

Among the hundreds of free distribution points are dozens of English-speaking clubs and associations, the Riviera's 13 English bookshops and libraries, the Riviera's 4 international anglophone schools, American, British and Scandinavian consulates, anglophone churches, and dozens of local multinational companies and businesses. 13600 copies are distributed free in this way and 1400 copies are sent out by post to paid subscribers.

Are you in business? The Reporter is the best way to get your advertising message directly into the hands of the Riviera's active community of expat consumers.

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