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Buying your French home, one step at a time

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Here at Leggett Immobilier, we’ve helped thousands of overseas clients to purchase property in France over the past two decades and know that the different buying process, language and laws can be confusing. Our free buyer’s guide gives an overall under-standing to help you feel comfortable and confident with your purchase from the start.The French property… Read More

Roque Around Les Coqs in Roquebrune

in Visiting the Riviera by Richard McCreery
Nestled between the Principality of Monaco and Menton, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin’s oldest part is the perched village, overlooking the sea, with its 10th-century castle built to protect the western border of Ventimiglia. Roquebrune’s history is like watching a tennis match between Monaco and France: between 1355 and 1793 Roquebrune was part of Monaco under the… Read More

How the Eiffel Tower was sold

in Features by Margo Lestz
It was 1925 and Victor Lustig was sitting in his Paris hotel room reading a newspaper article about the Eiffel Tower. That gigantic structure had been built for the 1889 Paris World’s Fair and was meant to be dismantled in 1909. But because of its height, it was used as a radio tower and came in very handy for listening in on the Germans during the First… Read More

Provence Diary: Let bidons be bidons when having a urine test

in Features by Jamie Ivey
It’s just possible that this is my last column for the Riviera Reporter. Either the mystery illness I’m about to write about will get me, or the editor will decide the… More...

The Bereavement Support Network of the Var can help when losing a pet

in Pets and Animals by Riviera Reporter
According to the UK’s Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA), a report on pet ownership trends sampled over two years estimates that 13 million UK households (that’s 46%)… More...

Ladies’ Rally Vintage Car charity event 2015, in aid of Child CARE Monaco

in Community by Riviera Reporter
The second edition of the Ladies’ Rally Vintage Car Charity Event takes place Sept 20th, 2015. Created by Martine Ackermann as a glamorous and entertaining women-only… More...

Andrew Gradon, airport scammer - we got him!

in Travel by Riviera Reporter
If you’ve been a regular Reporter reader in recent years, the name Andrew Gradon should mean something. He was the British conman whose sob story fooled unwary travellers at… More...

The Monaco US Economic Forum: Les Brownlee, with a lifetime of service

in Expat Issues by PJ Heslin
This summer’s inaugural Monaco US Economic Forum, which takes place June 8th to 12th, 2015, under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert, will see some of America’s… More...

Mega-yacht disaster lessons learnt

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
Responsible seamen – that means all of us boaters – continue to reflect on the recent mass tragedies of the sunken Korean ferryboat Sewol and the Costa Concordia beached on… More...

Homes and Houses: The Pointe Croisette, pointing to the calmer Cannes

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
It's clearly part of Cannes, but only up to a point. The Pointe Croisette area is in fact a “principality” in its own right, the land of the quartier owned by the residents… More...

Organic matters: What is “bio”, where to find organic products on the Riviera

in Table Talk by Scott Bell
These days it’s difficult to avoid the word “organic” – or bio in French – and seeing the European organic logo, that green flag with its 12 white stars in the shape of a… More...

A no-nansense Michelin meal at La Table de Nans restaurant in La Ciotat

in Table Talk by Caren Trafford
It’s been more than 100 years since the tyre manufacturers André Michelin and his brother published the first edition of a guide for French motorists in 1900. At the time… More...

Will the Coen brothers make the Cannes Film Festival different this year?

in Local Living by Dan Seeger
Speculating about how the Cannes Film Festival might be different this year, with Joel and Ethan Coen at the head of the feature films competition jury, is irresistible. For… More...

Cannes Film Festival and the French: “Je t’aime moi non plus”

in Local Living by Elodie Peyrano
AAH, May. In France, one of the most anticipated months of the year. For students, there are only a couple of weeks till summer break; for those working, it’s the month with… More...

Buy euros now, leave the UK later

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
Telegraph columnist Anna Nichols reports on a survey by the deVere Group that found 59% of Brits are giving serious thought to leaving the UK on retirement, a 10% rise since… More...

A milestone for Riviera marinas as concessions are nearing expiry

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
Just 50 years ago a radical decision taken in the French parliament in Paris was being implemented along our coast. It was the dawn of the yacht marinas, developed in the… More...

Marianne and the changing face of the French Republic

in Eye on France by Margo Lestz
Marianne’s Story Did you know that France has been led by a woman ever since the French Revolution of 1789? It’s true! My name is Marianne and my image is on official seals… More...

Renting in France: Things to check before you sign

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
In light of the current weakness of the euro against some other currencies, particularly the strong British pound, expats in France might be tempted to buy property here.… More...

Secrets of the Lerin Islands that were locked away

in Visiting the Riviera by Patrick McCrea
The Lerin Islands are well known for the boat service from Cannes with pretty promenades on the Île Sainte-Marguerite and visits to Île Saint-Honorat for church services and… More...

Celebrating the Cannes Film Festival, 13-24 May 2015

in Visiting the Riviera by Caren Trafford
Inaugurated in 1946, the Festival of Cannes is all about the celebration of film. Today, it is an important meeting point for the 12,000 or so “wheelers and dealers” of the… More...

Flashmobbing in a Luberon village

in Features by Jamie Ivey
Every Wednesday I stand and watch them. Fifteen women of varying shapes and sizes, grunting and groaning to the music. Some of the moves are embarrassing to witness.… More...

Where is the stained glass window from the old Christ Church Cannes?

in Features by Margo Lestz
Tom Küpper (above) is a stained glass conservator at Britain’s third largest cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, where he’s in charge of the upkeep of 750 windows, the oldest of… More...

Former US Senator Ben Nelson gets behind the Monaco US Business Forum in June

in Expat Issues by PJ Heslin
The Monaco US Business Roundtable was co-founded by Mike Powers and Susan Feaster in 2014, with the aim to build stronger relations between the two countries in the fields of… More...

Europe in stats: from Spain to Sweden

in Expat Issues by The Local
From women in the workplace to income inequality, the differences between European countries are getting greater in lots of areas. The Nordic countries do well when it comes… More...

Lifestyles of the rich and famous on the Côte d'Azur, who cares?

in Local Living by Lisa Pepin
The South of France is known for being the second home to many of the world’s rich and famous. But when the rest of the world sees photos of celebrities walking the red… More...

Freemasons built on tradition at Abbey Lodge

in Community by Riviera Reporter
The changes brought about by the progressive construction of a railway network across Europe in the 19th century have been the subject of many books, and at least one recent… More...

Victory for second-home owners in France, social charges deemed illegal

in Doing It in France by Riviera Reporter
France has finally lost its war against British second-home owners, after the European Court ruled it “illegal” to charge social charges on gains from renting or selling (the… More...

Social contributions on properties: A break for EU non-residents in France?

in Doing It in France by Peter Johnson
Towards the end of 2014 there was massive debate about the legality of the French tax office charging “social contributions” paid by European non-residents on French rental… More...

Tips for selling your house in winter

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
We all know our houses can look less than inviting during the winter months and even on the French Riviera it can get cold and damp, so what to do if you are trying to sell… More...

Liguria like a local: Dolceacqua

in Visiting the Riviera by Chrissie McClatchie
One of my many New Year’s resolutions for my blog, The Riviera Grapevine, is to start documenting all the wonderful villages that can be found in the hinterland of the French… More...

A portrait of modern France in ten stats

in Eye on France by Simone Flückiger
France’s National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has released its 2014 social portrait of the country, which highlights how French society has evolved… More...

Elizabeth Finn Care: Charity that helps when in financial difficulty

in Expat Issues by Mary Hughes
Elizabeth Anne Finn and her daughter, Constance, founded Elizabeth Finn Care (EFC), previously The Distressed Gentlefolk’s Aid Association, in 1897. Since then EFC has been… More...

Bread delivery: “Les porteuses de pain” of days gone by

in Features by Margo Lestz
If you like bread, then when you’re in France you probably stop by the boulangerie, or bakery, every day to buy a baguette, croissant, or one of the other tempting treats… More...

Homes and Houses: La Canabière, Mons

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
In property parlance there is away-from-it-all, and then there is La Canabière. The location of this outstanding eight-bedroom bastide in the commune of Mons – designated a… More...

UK election fever? You must be joking!

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
The British general election of 2015 is almost upon us and never has an outcome been as unpredictable or of more relevance to British expats. Labour and Conservatives… More...

The day France didn’t stand still when “Charlie Hebdo” was attacked

in Eye on France by Elodie Peyrano
It was supposed to be a nice morning. Indeed it started off well enough, sunny, not too cold. In fact, looking back, Wednesday January 7th, 2015, was a beautiful day … until… More...

Ships Taken Up From Trade (STUFT): Requisitioning yachts as warships

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
Peaceful times in the Riviera ports, except for occasional violent weather that has, over the centuries, sunk many ships and craft on our Coasts; yet not far away, conflict… More...

Gardening: Low maintenance grass in winter

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
I’d like to look at a subject that doesn’t get the attention it deserves: winter gardens. When designing gardens there is a tendency to focus on how the garden will look in… More...

50 Ways to Close Your French Shutters

in Doing It in France by Philippa Campsie
On our last visit to Paris in June, we did most of our travelling by bus, which meant time spent waiting at bus stops and journeys on which we gazed out the window at the… More...

Le Pétomane, The Mad Farter: Joseph Pujol

in Features by Margo Lestz
I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the historic cabaret topped by a red windmill, which is famous for its can-can dancers. But do you know who was their… More...

A public peace process from the Monaco US Business Roundtable

in Expat Issues by PJ Heslin
“Guns and bombs won’t make the kinds of changes we need.” When Susan Feaster, co-founder along with Mike Powers of the Monaco US Business Roundtable, approached Mike Yanney… More...

Fenella Holt opens a new English bookshop in Antibes

in Reading by Nick Kent
Fenella Holt looks over towards the snowy peaks of the Maritime Alps, lit by the last rays of the winter sun. “I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to London," she says.… More...

David Leadbetter, the world’s top golf coach, drops in to Terre Blanche

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
A special bird of passage had dropped in to the Albatros Golf Performance Centre. David Leadbetter, the World’s No 1 golf coach, was paying his yearly visit to the remarkable… More...

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris

in Reading by Margo Lestz
For any book-lover, the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris is a must-see. It’s been the centre of the English-speaking literary community there for sixty years.… More...

Antiquing: Le Grand Déballage, the best time to buy

in Features by Caren Trafford
A few times a year, a huge game of musical chairs takes place in the antiquing world. It goes by the name of Le Grand Déballage … which translates to The Great Unpacking. One… More...

John Mann's mission: the Educating Cambodia charity

in Community by Riviera Reporter
In 2014 Mougins School has played a big part in education worlds away from the comforts of the South of France. The international school, celebrating its 50th anniversary,… More...

Two tales of street crime in one city, Nice

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
In September 2001, Publishing Director Mike Meade was contacted by John McLaughlin, host of The McLaughlin Group, a long-running political commentary TV show in the US.… More...

Taxe d’habitation: Riviera mayors refuse 20% increase on second homes

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
Nothing is certain but Hollande and taxes. First it was the preposterous 75% tax on incomes over €1 million that, as Peter Johnson notes in Finance Budget 2015, various tax… More...

Hair’s the best way to beat the boars in your garden

in Outdoors and Nature by Jamie Ivey
I recently made a resolution to become more involved in the local community. I thought I might join the boules club, or pull on some Lycra with the weekend peloton boys.… More...

The reality of the Riviera property market

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Well what a year that was. As 2014 draws to a close I would like to reflect on how things have gone in the real estate business on the Côte d’Azur during these relatively… More...

Hidden Assets by Alan Watson

in Reading by Nancy Heslin
Alan Watson started life in a small southern UK town, Swindon. “Not at all exciting,” he tells the Reporter, “unless you like trains, car factories and real ale pubs.” A… More...

Christmas in France: Have yourself a Merry little ... Noël

in Doing It in France by Elodie Peyrano
While living in France you’ll soon discover that Christmas is THE holiday so there are a few things you should know if you want to be prepared. First of all, Christmas is not… More...

St Nick... Santa Claus... Father Christmas

in Features by Margo Lestz
Even though some of the American/British folkloric characters don’t come to France, you’ll be happy to know that the jolly old man in the red suit does. Of course, he goes by… More...
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