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Surfing on the French Riviera

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Florian Brehin & Scott Bell
"Bro, you should have been here an hour ago” Most residents on the Côte d’Azur know the Mediterranean only for its warm and inviting summer conditions. But there is a more temperamental and wilder side of the Med that periodically visits the coast from September through May. The storm systems that arrive mostly from the south have been causing… Read More

Gardening: Right plant, right place. Lessons from landscape

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
A garden is typically made up of three main elements: hardscape – the pathways, driveways, paved surfaces and play areas; softscape – the vegetation within the landscape; and waterscape - the use of water on the grounds. For the purpose of this article, I went back to nature to study how these three elements interact and to see what I could learn from the… Read More

The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands on home exchange

in Reading by Riviera Reporter
Secrets of success for a serial swapper Romance and travel are intertwined in Patricia Sands’ latest novel The Promise of Provence. The heroine, Katherine, pitches up amongst the summer sunflowers and lavender fields of the South of France. On the spur of the moment she had agreed on a house swap, but will it work out? More importantly, after a year of… Read More

Street food: a moveable feast from food trucks

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
Glenn and Richard graduated from culinary schools and worked in 4-star establishments before deciding to branch out on their own. In October 2013 they set up Le Vieux Taco… More...

Celebrating the Gourd in Nice

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
Nice is a French city, of course, but it also has a strong and proud culture all its own. It was Niçois long before it was French and the people work hard to keep their… More...

Mr Piggy goes to market looking for artichokes

in Table Talk by Riviera Reporter
Mr Piggy is less than pleased if he doesn’t find an artichoke in his trough at this time of year. This is the high season for this special vegetable; they make a first… More...

Home Style: Kitchen Heaven

in Features by Riviera Reporter
Our recipe for success These days a kitchen has a bigger task on its hands than just producing food for the family. When starting from scratch, those in search of a new… More...

Renting property in France

in Property and Pools by InterNations
In light of the current weakness of the Euro against some other currencies, particularly the strong British pound, expats in France might be tempted to buy property there.… More...

Should we stay or should we go back to the UK?

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
The faltering French economy has given some Riviera expats reason to think about moving back to the UK. We spoke with two families who did ... or almost. After 18 years of… More...

High Society: the new Swedish Club

in Community by Nick Kent
We visit the Swedes' new home A hidden hand flicks a switch and the Reporter’s limousine sweeps through the imposing gates into an elegant park in Cagnes-sur-Mer, coming to a… More...

April Fool or April Fish

in Doing It in France by Margo Lestz
In many countries, the first day of April is a day to play harmless jokes on family and friends. This usually consists of telling a farfetched story in such a way that it… More...

On your right, you can see Nice: Municipal elections 2014

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
For more than 65 years, Nice has voted to the right of centre. The last time a Socialist was elected mayor was in 1945 when Jacques Cotta took office. He was ousted two years… More...

On course for Europe’s finest golfing destinations

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
In what seems like the blink of an eye, truly great courses have sprung up in our neighbouring lands, becoming the best golfing destinations in their countries. Here we focus… More...

French politics goes local - the role of Mayor

in Doing It in France by Riviera Reporter
Former US House Speaker Tip O’Neill first coined the phrase “All politics is local”. In France this is particularly true as mayors have more power than their counterparts in… More...

Madame Liberté, from Nice to New York

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognised symbols of the United States. But did you know that Lady Liberty is an immigrant? It’s true, she’s a French woman by birth… More...

US Tax Update 2014

in Expat Issues by George Donnelly
Now is the time for all Americans to perform their annual civic duty and file their tax returns. The United States, unfortunately, remains the sole Western nation to impose… More...

Monaco Murmurs: Looking back over 25 years

in Local Living by Molly Brown
A national treasure One expects a few surprises in the New Year, but I received a horrific shock. I realised that I have been murmuring about Monaco for a quarter of a… More...

Keeping local beaches clean with Jonathon Lippman

in Community by Riviera Reporter
Beachy clean At the retirement party for Janet Ruiz (see issue 161), Jonathon Lippman, former American Consul in Geneva, approached the Reporter talking trash, literally. “I… More...

Is France as productive as it used to be?

in Eye on France by Riviera Reporter
“Newsweak” and a gallon of milk French bashing by Anglo-Saxons has been a tradition from Vice-Admiral Nelson in 1798 – “my blood boils at the name of a Frenchman” – to the… More...

A head start in looking good: Headhunters Hair and Beauty Specialists

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
After selling the very popular Cutting Shop in Antibes, an institution in the English community for over 20 years, sisters Nicky Hooper and Sally Ryder decided to go into… More...

It pays to be polite in France

in Education and Learning by Margo Lestz
At this café in Nice, France, minding your manners can significantly reduce the price of your coffee. “A cup of coffee” – € 7.00 “A cup of coffee, please“ – € 4.25 “Hello, a… More...

It started with a door. Taking home a piece of Provence

in Features by Caren Trafford
The short email appeared unexpectedly one afternoon. It was marked “URGENT”. “Wanted” it said. The typeface was bold. I clicked it open and read on. Wanted: matching pair of… More...

Stop a house sale falling down

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Since I began selling property full-time in France in 2005, I have seen a strong market turn into a very tough market. However, one thing that has remained a constant over… More...

Monaco turns the page: BOMO Book Boutique

in Reading by Riviera Reporter
After 25 years of selling books Jane France shut the doors of Scruples bookshop in Monaco in 2008. Then Cat’s Whiskers in Nice closed, leaving an ever-bigger hole on the… More...

All the Presidents’ (wo)men

in Eye on France by Mike Meade
François Hollande, the self-proclaimed “Président Normal” of irreproachable morals, was unlikely to be overly concerned when Closer magazine recently alleged his romantic… More...

Three Russian Tsarinas leave their mark on Nice: the Russian Orthodox Churches

in Community by Margo Lestz
If you weren’t able to make it to Russia for the Winter Olympics, how about a trip to Nice? I know it’s not quite the same, but it’s warmer and you can see a lovely Russian… More...

When the going gets tough, France keeps going

in Business by Peter Johnson
Hardly has the Christmas turkey been digested than we’re straight back into what will surely be the most miserable year yet in France, with unemployment still rising, the… More...

The tale of a house built on history in Fréjus

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
Dun-Roman! There are houses with history, and then there is the villa on the Butte St-Antoine at Fréjus. Among the previous list of propriétaires you’ll find the Roman naval… More...

Mitch Waite: The Reporter’s tribute to an artist who brought the Riviera to life

in Profiles of Residents by Nick Kent
Missing Mitch His job was lighting up other people’s lives and letting them see the world in a new and vibrant way. The great talent that was Mitch Waite is no longer around… More...

New UK Capital Gains tax to hit UK property owners in France

in Expat Issues by Rob Kay
Many British expatriates living on the French Riviera retain UK property for one reason or another. You may be waiting for property prices to improve before selling, or want… More...

Menton celebrates the lemon with La Fête du Citron

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
They say when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. But what if you are a town on the French Riviera and life gives you extraordinarily delicious lemons? You sell… More...

When the wind blows, what’s it called and what does it bring?

in Outdoors and Nature by Riviera Reporter
We clear the air For a northern European, apart from the sunshine, the oddest part of the weather in our patch of France is the wind. The reliably wet westerlies that… More...

Crousti Chronicles: Post Puppy Depression (PPD)

in Pets and Animals by CôteTails
The days leading up to getting our dog were exciting. Last minute phone calls to organise a rendez-vous with the breeder, calls with Antibes vet Dr Gittins, making room at… More...

A count of flowers and a tale of the two Rivieras

in Outdoors and Nature by Lorenzo Gariano
Both the Italian and French Rivieras enjoy some truly exceptional and mild microclimates, which offer for this latitude the opportunity to experiment with the most exotic… More...

Luberon Diary: The family tree

in Features by Lisa Pepin
Forget genealogy. American Lisa Pepin explains how anyone could have roots in the Luberon. August 22, 2013 My husband Johann and I, like the rest of France in August, took… More...

Paula Radcliffe: A world champion finds peace and sport in Monaco

in Profiles of Residents by Nancy Heslin
Paula on the run When I read that Paula Radcliffe, the women’s world record holder for marathon for the past ten years, was the marraine (“godmother”) of the Nice-Cannes… More...

Carnival Kings, Silly Strings, and Blooming Things

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
In Nice, we are preparing for the carnival and that means another royal visit. Every year in February, a different king comes to town to celebrate the carnival with us and… More...

Cookery with class: Secrets de Cuisine

in Table Talk by Nick Kent
Within five minutes of meeting Cédric Séguéla, you know this guy has got his finger right on the pulse of the way we cook now. His pupils don’t watch in reverent silence as… More...
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