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Avery Glize-Kane: Obituary

in Profiles of Residents by Burton Gintell
“Class, grace and passion ... all rolled into one” The Anglophone community of the Riviera has lost one of its brightest stars. Avery Glize-Kane passed away on January 8th, 2016, at the age of 76, after a long fight against cancer. Avery was such a vital and exuberant presence in our lives; it is difficult to imagine that her light has now been… Read More

Carnival time and Nice is buzzing with the sound of gourds

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
Nice’s Carnival (Feb 13th-28th, 2016, is one of the oldest in Europe, with the earliest reference dating back to 1294 when a Count of Provence wrote that he had spent “joyous days of carnival” in Nice. While today the parades float to the beat of contemporary music, traditionally it was another sound – bands playing instruments made of… Read More

New mosquito-borne Zika virus could hit the Riviera

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Riviera Reporter
Since the Asian tiger mosquito, carrier of dengue fever, first made a buzz in Menton in 2004, its pesky presence has steadily grown in the Var and parts of the Alpes-Maritimes, while cases of Chikungunya were reported in the Hérault in 2014. Now a new threat could hit our region: the Zika virus, named after the forest in Uganda where it was first isolated,… Read More

Does a simple, home-working freelancer really need a tax lawyer?

in Business by Barth Hulley
So there I was, January 2006, sitting in a state-of-the-art conference room at Deloitte’s plush new home in the Euro-district of Strasbourg, an area that can only be reached… More...

Where the jobs are for expats working abroad

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
Malta attracts IT professionals and Norway entices with its favourable work-life balance, while expats in Luxembourg enjoy excellent job security. For its annual Expat… More...

Resolution of French social charges: No gain, no pain for ex-pats

in Doing It in France by Peter Johnson
Finally, on October 20th, 2015, a resolution on the long-running saga of social charges (prélèvements sociaux), which will come as a great relief to many expatriates living… More...

The Monte Carlo Rally 2016: the start of the World Rally season

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Riviera Reporter
The 2016 World Rally Championship season begins in earnest next week with the historic Monte-Carlo Rally - arguably the most famous, and certainly the oldest, event on the… More...

7 illegal things that may happen in restaurants in France

in Doing It in France by Riviera Reporter
In autumn 2015, a customer filed a complaint with the police against a bistro in Draguignan that refused to sell him a hot drink after 5pm. Nice-Matin journalist Benoit… More...

Square Foot Self-Storage: Why size matters

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
When it comes to storing personal belongings, do your research. Square Foot Self-Storage began nine years ago with its first warehouse in Biot, where different sized units,… More...

Elsa: Paolo Sari's organic restaurant at the Monte Carlo Beach

in Table Talk by Scott Bell
Organic food and cooking is becoming increasingly accepted and even demanded in our everyday lives. In addition to the many organic-only stores, most every supermarket has a… More...

Provence Diary: Life at the French school gates

in Features by Dan Briggs
Dan Briggs gave up his job as a journalist in the UK after his wife went on secondment to the South of France. Now he’s a house dad in a foreign land struggling to cope with… More...

Electric shock: EDF’s retroactive price rise is on its way

in Doing It in France by Jo-Ann Howell
If you are a Tarif Bleu EDF client in your home, then at some point over the first six months of 2016 you’ll be receiving a confusing invoice (if you haven't already),… More...

The state of the property market in 2015 on the French Riviera

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Well, another year draws to a close and what a period of ups and downs it has been. I feel privileged to live and work in this region of France and often have to pinch myself… More...

The six vineyards of St Antonin du Var

in Visiting the Riviera by Elizabeth Gabay
Wine writers and buyers often only see two or three vineyards briefly when visiting a specific producer, maybe a local restaurant. Invariably we get small snapshots of a… More...

How berets came to play their part in the French stereotype: Onion Johnnies

in Features by Margo Lestz
Berets and onions In the mid 1900s, if you had asked nearly any British person what a Frenchman looked like, you would have gotten this description: He wears a beret, and he… More...

Inheritance: How the new EU Succession Law affects UK nationals in France

in Expat Issues by Rob Kay
If you are a UK national living here in France or you own property here, succession (inheritance) law can be complicated. You may have assets in more than one country, which… More...

Trialling an EU country for 3 months without any obligations

in Expat Issues by Barth Hulley
It’s a little known fact that as a citizen of the European Union you are allowed to spend up to 90 consecutive days, working, living or playing in any other EU country… More...

Father Peter Jackson: A year on at Holy Trinity Nice

in Community by Riviera Reporter
Father Peter Jackson, who was born in the UK, went to Oxford University and trained to be ordained at Theological College at St Stephen’s House in Oxford, arrived at Holy… More...

The 5 best international schools in or near Monaco

in Education and Learning by Suzanna Chambers
The pertinent issue of our children’s education is forever circulating amongst groups of concerned parents here on the French Riviera, with the age-old question… More...

Getting naked with your wine for the festive season

in Table Talk by Alex Ignatieff
The weather is neither snowing nor frightful but no doubt about it, the festive season is here. Champagne must flow, too much must be eaten and pledges to never do it again… More...

Remembering Roy Cox

in Profiles of Residents by Mike Meade
Roy Cox was born in Burton-on-Trent in the British Midlands. He went to Derby Art College and began his lifelong passion for photography. It was at a party at the British… More...

The race to clean the polluted sea of rubbish

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
The Germans have a concise word for it, Umweltschutz. And Italians call it Salvaguardia dell’ambiente. There will be much talk in these languages and others at the UN’s… More...

Get into the holiday spirit with a short pre-Christmas break to Stockholm

in Travel by Nancy Heslin
After discovering the sport of SwimRun – in a nutshell, running in your wetsuit across islands in Stockholm’s Archipelago and plunging into the 10°C Baltic Sea to swim in… More...

An American in France goes house-hunting: how different is it from in the US?

in Property and Pools by PJ Heslin
Over the last few years, my wife and I have been weighing the pros and cons of buying versus renting in France and going over the financial metrics, taking into consideration… More...

Hugh Fraser talks about his new book “Harm”, will be signing copies in Antibes

in Reading by Nick Kent
Inspector Poirot called him Captain ‘Astings, and the French sleuth would be proud to know that his faithful if sometimes clueless friend had finally solved a mystery. Hugh… More...

How to master Christmas stress at this most wonderful time of the year

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Susan Tomassini
The holiday season is just around the corner – a time to connect with friends and relatives and emerge feeling refreshed. Or not. Even those of us lucky enough to live in the… More...

Burqa ban 5 years on: “We created a monster”

in Eye on France by The Local
Five years after France introduced its controversial ban on wearing the full Islamic face veil in public, the subject still bitterly divides opinion. While opinion polls… More...

It’s training cats and dogs at the RééduCat & Dog centre

in Pets and Animals by Riviera Reporter
Launched in September 2014, RééduCat & Dog is the first centre in the PACA region specialising in physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture for animals.… More...

In a real pickleball in Fayence

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Pierre Obozinski
Pickleball? It may sound like a funny name for a game, but it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the US and Canada with more than 200,000 players. The USA Pickleball… More...

Rules and regulations when selling a property that has a septic tank

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
There is an old English saying, “Where there’s muck, there’s brass.” Nothing is truer when talking about … septic tanks. Okay, I hear a collective groan of “here he goes… More...

Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Marilyn Wedge Ph.D.
In the United States, at least 9% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed… More...

Top 5 tax breaks to help reduce your French tax bill

in Business by Peter Johnson
Tax bills came early in 2015; Bercy must need the money. In previous years, French tax statements had started arriving in September and a second batch might have come out in… More...

Antiquing: Interior designers from Alabama go on an antiques tour in Provence

in Features by Caren Trafford
The splendour of Provence was enhanced this summer by the unbridled enthusiasm and joyfulness of two interior designers who hailed from their hometown, Montgomery, Alabama… More...

Bob Walter the garage owner: Cupid’s helper in the early 1900s

in Features by Margo Lestz
In Paris in 1902, young Dr. Marcile was head-over-heels in love. The young lady who was the object of his affection loved him too, but her parents wouldn’t consent to their… More...

A wine tasting in Seillans of red, white and bubbly

in Table Talk by Alex Ignatieff
After a wonderful summer of too many friends, too much food, too many pink swimming pools, taxi trips to rival Phileas Fogg and altogether too much fun, life settles back… More...

Smoothie operator: Local juicers on going green ... or crimson ... or fuchsia

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Scott Bell
There’s been lots of press over recent months touting the nutritional value of fruit and veg smoothies, so it’s no surprise to learn that in 2013 the juice and smoothies… More...

The sea route, is it being overlooked?

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
“Où vous allez comme ça?” was the challenge from a police launch as I motored from Menton to Beaulieu. Luckily the sight of my privileged Blue Ensign reassured him, as I was… More...

Bursting your property bubble

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
If you haven’t noticed, the euro has been taking a bit of a kicking from a number of currencies, not least the sterling and US dollar. This has led to an incredible increase… More...

The tramway in Nice, art that'll stop you in your tracks

in Features by Margo Lestz
A few years ago, I took a course that required me to get up early and catch a bus to another town. Sometimes I would take the tram to the bus stop and I used to giggle every… More...

Provence Diary: Shattering the illusion of Provençal paradise

in Features by Jamie Ivey
I recently overheard a row in our village square. I’ll set the scene: beautiful sunny day, around about that time in late afternoon when the shadows are getting longer and… More...

Homes and Houses: Restoring the spirits in Ampus near the Gorges du Verdon

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
Here’s a special property that’s been beautifully restored using recycled materials and lashings of tender loving care. The owners aimed to create a home that as well as… More...

A guide to the chestnuts of Provence in October

in Visiting the Riviera by Caren Trafford
As Anne of Green Gables, the beloved character created by L.M. Montgomery, said, “I love October.” The air is crisp, the light is intense and the leaves crunchy. What better… More...

The Riviera Cricket Club: 25 years and not out

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Jonathon Brown
Quite apart from the respectable theory that cricket may have originated in northern France in the 13th century, cricket on the Côte d’Azur has an odd enough history; amidst… More...

Mougins School celebrates the Harvest Festival

in Community by Riviera Reporter
On Friday 9th October, 2015, Mougins School celebrates the Harvest Festival and, as we have done for over twenty years, twenty-four students from the Primary School Choir… More...

Liguria like a local: Apricale

in Travel by Chrissie McClatchie
For this next instalment (see Liguria like a local: Dolceacqua) in my series on the wonderful villages hidden in the hills of Liguria, I enlisted the help of my trusty… More...

Henning Mankell: Paradise after Wallander

in Profiles of Residents by Nancy Heslin
Henning Mankell died age 67 on Monday October 5th, 2015, from cancer. The Inspector Wallander creator had a home in old Antibes. We last met in May 2013, at his local haunt,… More...

Rent an apartment at the new “Albert” residence for seniors

in Local Living by Barry Hibbitt
A new prince in the name and shape of Albert is arising to give home, security and succour to senior citizens downsizing on the Cote d’Azur. Albert was, of course, the much… More...

Mimosa charity runners in Nice-Cannes Marathon in aid of cancer support

in Community by Karen Hockney
In the two years since the Mimosa Committee was set up, the charity has raised in excess of an astonishing €100,000 towards the fight against cancer in the Alpes Maritimes.… More...

Dual British and French nationality: the expat solution?

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
In this corner, appearing out of nowhere in only a few months, Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to a 59% first-round victory for the Labour Party leadership was the biggest electoral… More...

Accidents blight start of French hunting season

in Eye on France by The Local
The French hunting season began with a bang mid-September 2015, but no sooner had it started than the first accident was reported when a hunter shot his own brother in the… More...

French speed cameras trap 4.5m foreign drivers, but will Brits pay up?

in Motoring by Riviera Reporter
Speed cameras in France have caught foreign motorists a staggering 4.5 million times in just one year, that’s an incredible 123,287 per day or 5,139 per hour. British drivers… More...

Homer’s Odyssey in 13 easy steps on the Colline du Château in Nice

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
If it’s been a while since you’ve read the Greek classics (or if you just never got around to it) no worries! There’s no need to pull out the books. In Nice, you can take a… More...

400 Words at 5.30 with Nannies: Inside the Lost World of Sports Journalism by Peter Bills

in Reading by Riviera Reporter
What on earth is it about the French? We live in among them, hugely enjoy their company, marvel at their food and our taste buds salivate at their wines. But do we really… More...

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