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Daze of the week in the life of an estate agent

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
The role of an Estate Agent is often maligned with the assumption that we spend all day flouncing around in our Ferraris while looking for ways to fleece old people and ruin the lives of unsuspecting house buyers. So let me try and set the record straight by describing a typical week in a realtor’s life. Monday Listing day. Drive to Menton and then Nice to… Read More

Back in the saddle for the Cogs4Cancer charity cycle

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Riviera Reporter
After the success of last year’s inaugural Cogs4Cancer charity cycle, 16 riders from the yachting industry are at it again in aid of Cancer Research UK, Clinique Tzank in Mougins and the children’s cancer unit at the Lenval Hospital in Nice. The C4C team – who even have the support of pop star Rihanna – will set off from Ancona, Italy, on October 5th and… Read More

Operation Dragoon, the Liberation of the French Riviera in 1944

in Features by PJ Heslin
The Champagne Campaign. The liberation that took place out your back door, now in hardcover. On June 6th, 2014, the sacrifices of those who participated in D-Day, seventy years ago, were memorialized. On August 15th, however, an equally important military operation was launched in our very backyards – Operation Dragoon. For some reason, Operation Dragoon… Read More

You want to learn to speak French? That's Frantastique

in Education and Learning by Riviera Reporter
The French training website Frantastique was developed by its parent company A9 SAS, along with its sister, Gymglish, a professional English training that has been used in… More...

Monaco finds its wings with the Air League

in Community by Nancy Heslin
The view from Sir Stelios’s terrace in Monaco is shelves apart from Charing Cross Road, London, home to Foyle’s flagship bookshop. I am here to meet chairman Christopher… More...

Surveillance cameras in Nice: I’ll be watching you

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
In 1989, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police hit the airwaves and became a number one hit. Thirty years later it could be the theme song for the city of Nice – and police… More...

Sculptor Spencer Byles creates natural art in the forest

in Outdoors and Nature by Nick Kent
There’s something stirring the imagination down in the woods near La Colle-sur-Loup. Sculptor Spencer Byles spent a year creating 34 works deep in the forest that clothes the… More...

Home Style: The natural look is the latest trend in tiles

in Features by Riviera Reporter
One style of tile is wiping the floor with the rest this summer – the wood-look wonder-tile. The latest technology has been harnessed by chic tile makers such as Marazzi,… More...

Cook d'Azur: Salmon with fresh pea, mint & lemon risotto

in Table Talk by Katie Bills
Katie Bills whips up this refreshingly light early summer dish to enjoy for lunch under a parasol or with a glass of chilled rosé over dinner. Serves 4 Ingredients 4 salmon… More...

Jean Cocteau and Villa Santo Sospir: the artist who came to dinner and never left

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
What would you do if you invited someone to spend a week at your holiday home and he decided to redecorate it and then he decided to stay – indefinitely? Francine Weisweiller… More...

Golf Country Club Cannes-Mougins with new director general Mark Vickery

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
The Brit making his Mark at Mougins. The Honours Board was the first aspect of Cannes-Mougins Golf Club to impress me on my first visit, invited some years ago by a fortunate… More...

Mr Piggy goes to market looking for asparagus and beans

in Table Talk by Riviera Reporter
The local markets seem to have hit a purple patch when it comes to the must-eat seasonal vegetables. Let’s first sniff out the asparagus, its season in full swing. Brought up… More...

In a fix over price, essential tips to get your property sold

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Almost daily I’m asked the question: “Why hasn’t my house sold?” Often the answer is fairly simple. We've previously covered preparation and presentation, two fundamental… More...

Gardening: Brown is the new black

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
When creating a sustainable garden, we have to bear in mind the need to work with nature and not fight against it; never is this more true than in the height of summer. In… More...

DIY B&B with Airbnb

in Travel by Nancy Heslin
Airbnb has over 2000 listings in Nice but is there a hidden cost for a bargain bed? As I write, Airbnb Inc – the website that “connects people with rooms to share with people… More...

The bare truth on the beach about going topless

in Visiting the Riviera by Lisa Pepin
The Riviera’s beaches are widely known for two things, their beauty and the dress code. I must admit, I receive more inquiries from friends considering a visit about the… More...

Homes and Houses: From historic to modern glass

in Property and Pools by Antonia Owen
This is a tale of two homes that were built centuries apart. At first glance, there seems no similarity whatsoever between an historic 17th-century mansion apartment in the… More...

Antiquing: Searching for souvenirs in Provence? Think big ... very big

in Features by Caren Trafford
Dusty olive trees and rows of lavender against a background of hill top villages; days filled basking in bright sunlight ... this is the picture-postcard Provence that… More...

Home Style: Sitting pretty in the garden

in Features by Riviera Reporter
Everything in the garden is absolutely lovely – until a sudden shower soaks all the garden furniture cushions before you’ve had time to get them inside. No need to keep a… More...

Breaking news, Nice’s School of Journalism goes international

in Education and Learning by Riviera Reporter
Director Marie Boselli-Berenguer has the scoop. RR: The École du Journalisme (EDJ) in Nice offers Bachelor Degrees in both Journalism and Sports Journalism. What’s the story… More...

Pierre the Patriot, and how he destroyed the Bastille

in Features by Margo Lestz
As the French Revolution started, one man recognised and grasped his opportunity to do something important. Then he used his creative marketing skills to complete the task.… More...

Craig Glenday, "Guinness World Records" Editor-in-Chief, makes a stop in Nice

in Features by Riviera Reporter
On Saturday June 21st, 2014, the city of Nice entered the Guinness World Records. As a kick-off to the Fête de la Musique and Nice Jazz Festival, Mayor Estrosi’s very clever… More...

The World Cup of cologne. How one Grasse perfumery scores big in the fragrance game

in Local Living by Joe Dziedziak
A procession of flowers lines the drive to the Arthes perfumery, a property of 36,0000 sqm in Bois-de-Grasse, where the air is rich with the sweetness of Provence: freshly… More...

French jazz fans outsmart Hitler

in Features by Margo Lestz
France has a special place in its heart for jazz and, in the summer, you’ll find jazz festivals all over the country. In fact, the world’s first international jazz festival… More...

Hélène Vagliano's story

in Profiles of Residents by Maureen Emerson
Large dark eyes look out, under arched brows, from an oval face. The look is serious, but the subject of the photograph could not have known what life held in store for her.… More...

Provence Diary: Paralytic in Provence and loving it

in Features by Jamie Ivey
In a news series, author and Luberon resident Jamie Ivey unravels today’s Provence. Some years ago our local doctor pronounced me “a medical marvel”: I was the first man ever… More...

Selling the French dream, preparing a property for sale

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
We’ve all seen those TV programmes where an irritating American woman or a chirpy Cockney tells us how to style a house in order to sell it. The problem is that while a lot… More...

SARL versus SAS, shall I twist or turn?

in Business by Peter Johnson
For as long as I’ve known, it was common wisdom that one of the few ways of actually working hard and making some money was to run your French business via a SARL (Société à… More...

The Murphys: American trendsetters on the Riviera

in Profiles of Residents by Margo Lestz
If you visit the French Riviera in July or August, you might have trouble finding an open space on the beach to put your towel. It’s hard to imagine that up until the 1920s… More...

Cook d'Azur: Pistachio & herb butter stuffed lamb breast with minted peas

in Table Talk by Katie Bills
Katie Bills welcomes the arrival of spring and its seasonal produce with this gorgeous dinner party favourite. Pair this dish with either new potatoes or for a carb-free… More...

Château de Taulane, high and mighty good

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
There are not many golf courses of which you can say one of the best things about them is the drive that gets you there. I think back to my days as a North London-dwelling… More...

Haemochromatosis and James Minter, the original iron man

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Nancy Heslin
Having a magnetic personality can be a deadly diagnosis, as James Minter learned. All for a good cause: James Minter, with wife Maggie at their home in the Herault, agrees… More...

Ruby Soames: “I’m not a heart surgeon”

in Profiles of Residents by PJ Heslin
Even though I have now lived here for four years, I know that I am still an American visiting France, and not a fully integrated expat. I feel like my French should be better… More...

If it’s broke, fix it at the Repair Café

in Community by Riviera Reporter
These days French consumers aren’t just looking for the best value, they’re looking to keep their euros in their wallets. And so Fransiska Greenland and Jaime Arredondo have… More...

Taxes in UK or France, is life really greener on the other side?

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
Tax is a complex subject, especially for British expats trying to decide whether it’s better to be tax resident in France or in the UK. The opinion is that France is… More...

Paris and Nice in top 100 selfiest cities

in Eye on France by Riviera Reporter
A selfie paints a thousand words On March 2nd, 2014, Oscar presenter Ellen DeGeneres took “the selfie that broke Twitter” – which included 10 A-list celebs such as Var… More...

Vintage year for a little marvel, Domaine St-Marc des Omèdes

in Table Talk by Nick Kent
April 2014 saw a special anniversary for one of the smallest vineyards in the region. It’s 20 years since Englishman Lindsay Phillips retired from IBM and set up Domaine… More...

Mr Piggy goes to market looking for spring vegetables

in Table Talk by Riviera Reporter
It’s springtime 2014 in the market, and time to look out for the ingredients that go to make up la jardinière, a mixture of fresh and tasty new veg to be served with roast… More...
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