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What’s all the kertruffle about a pizza?

in Table Talk by Thierry de Buoux
Over here. You are supposed to be a hyper-sensitive sniffing machine and you’re going the wrong way. That’s better, now dig. Thank God I’m not going to rot here in this ground. I’m going to be eaten, savoured, perhaps married to an egg, or enveloped in some fluffy Italian rice. Not far away now, God I hope it’s not a pig. Oh the ignominy to be wolfed down a… Read More

Home Style: Now you can tap in to that dream bathroom

in Features by Riviera Reporter
What’s your vision of the perfect bathroom? Elegance and efficiency come at the top of most people’s list, but here’s a new concept for the wish list: individuality. Up until now there have been limits on how much of our own personality we could put into how a bathroom looks and feels, limits set by the ranges on display or in the catalogues of the bathroom… Read More

FANY: The women who drove to World War 1

in Features by Lynette Beardwood
When the First World War was declared a hundred years ago on August 4th, 1914, one group of women was ready for the call. The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) came into being in 1907 as an all-women uniformed organisation, formed by a Boer War veteran, to provide the “missing link somewhere in the Ambulance Department ... so that [they] could ride onto the… Read More

TAPIF, distance learning for the teacher

in Education and Learning by Joe Dziedziak
Enseigner, c’est apprendre deux fois.” Though unbeknownst to 18th-century moralist Joseph Joubert, he has written perhaps the perfect maxim for TAPIF – the Teaching… More...

Message of Alcoholics Anonymous is carried on the Côte d’Azur

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Riviera Reporter
Experience, Strength and Hope. Life in the South of France, on the Cote d’Azur – the sun and the sea, and thoughts of chilled Provençal rosé wine, lovely but not for me. I am… More...

Sales of French property to UK buyers on the up

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
As PACA Area Manager of Leggett Immobilier, I can tell you that our half-year figures are in and it’s clear that UK buyers are back in force. The first six months of 2014… More...

Gardening: Unbound inspiration when redesigning

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
Sometimes inspiration for a garden can come from some unlikely sources that can enrich and personalise an individual garden. At the Singapore Garden Festival, we did a garden… More...

Alex Ignatieff: Wine master’s class in a glass

in Table Talk by Riviera Reporter
Like the fine wines that he sells, Alex Ignatieff (pictured) has matured very well. Just nudging middle age, the quietly-spoken creator of L’Emporium du Vin in Mandelieu has… More...

Auto-Entreprises: New changes going after small businesses

in Business by Peter Johnson
In 2013 there was massive debate in France on the future of the Auto-Entrepreneur regime, various lobby groups putting on the pressure, citing unfair competition, especially… More...

Why bestselling Jenny Colgan’s a write-off for the French

in Reading by Elodie Peyrano
Between the Scottish mist and the endless sun of the French Riviera, there is a thin line. Like her compatriot Robert Louis Stevenson, award-winning author Jenny Colgan said… More...

Homes and Houses: In the steps of an Olympian at David Wilkie's Villa

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
Here’s a chance to splash out on a property that’s been the happy summer home of Britain’s finest swimmer. David Wilkie was a toddler when he took to the water for the first… More...

Get licensed to drive, in English, with Andrew Johnson

in Motoring by Nancy Heslin
I have very fond memories of my obligatory in-car driving lessons in France. When I moved here there was no licence exchange in place between France and Ontario, Canada and… More...

The Ephrussis: Dog Weddings, Duels, and Stalin?

in Profiles of Residents by Margo Lestz
The elegant pink villa on the promontory of St. Jean Cap Ferrat was built for Charlotte Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. She was born into the European banking family of the… More...

Halloween 2014: Keep calm and have a Nice fright

in Features by Elodie Peyrano
Beware … despite the beautiful weather still lingering on the French Riviera, ghouls, witches, ghosts and zombies have not forgotten that Halloween is on its way and are… More...

Cannes connection for a big noise in the movie world

in Features by Nancy Heslin
Todd Warren’s lost eerie souls and airy wind in trees. The reason Torontonian Todd Warren packed his life in a suitcase and moved to France may not be unique – love (he met… More...

How Compassion Sans Frontières saved the life of little Ismaïl

Philippe Laïk had just flown in from the US when he took the call in the back of a Parisian taxi. His cook was calling from the Laïk mansion above Menton, her voice trembling… More...

Agency fees for renters finally capped

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
Since September 15th, 2014, those costly “agency fees” that renters in France have to pay when they go through a real estate agency are now set according to the size of the… More...

Voting rights and wrongs for British expats

in Expat Issues by Riviera Reporter
As the 2015 UK general election draws near, some expat Britons here remain unhappy with the fact that they still don’t have a national vote anywhere – neither in Britain, if… More...

The National Museum of Sport is sure to score

in Visiting the Riviera by Riviera Reporter
If you’re a museum enthusiast, then you’ll know the Riviera boasts many, ranging from modest village exhibits to the spectacular Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild at… More...

Linguistic expert Troy Titterington on making the most of a bilingual education

in Education and Learning by Nancy Heslin
With another school year underway, newly arrived expats may be feeling the impact from the decision to move to a foreign country and put their children into a local school… More...

Too bad if your yacht's too big for Villefranche

in Yachting and Boating by Michael Healy
One of the world’s most beautiful bays is right here on our Riviera: Villefranche, with its historical old town and waterfront, classy boutiques and restaurants, military… More...

Monte-Carlo Golf Club: Golfing on top of the world

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
If the gods played golf, then the Monte-Carlo Golf Club would be their home course. As you thread your way up the hairpin bends of this particular Mount Olympus – in fact the… More...

Homes and Houses: The secret appeal of a “mas” market gem, Le Pavillon

in Property and Pools by Riviera Reporter
Ronald van der Meij carefully put down the bottle of wine he had just selected and, straining his ears, tried to make out the sound that was filtering through the cellar… More...

Provence Diary: Castaway in Provence

in Features by Jamie Ivey
So here they all come, in their red-kneed posh-car glory, the tourists, nicknamed the gibier d’été, because with no winter birds (gibier) to shoot, the locals resort to… More...

Gardening: The essence of a dry garden

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
As specialists in dry gardens we often get asked, “So you do cactus gardens?” While of course cacti and succulent plants do thrive in a dry environment, it’s a common… More...

A journey of a thousand miles through France begins with … a reservation

in Travel by Lisa Pepin
Even though it’s one of the most visited regions on the planet, the South of France is a geographical oddity in the minds of would-be travellers – “just a couple of hours”… More...

Photography: Ed Holt, to sea through his lens

in Features by Mike Meade
Digital cameras have simplified many aspects of the photographer’s craft but the old adage rings as true as ever – by far the most important piece of photographic equipment… More...

Gene Budig, Major League President, joins Monaco US Business Roundtable

in Expat Issues by PJ Heslin
First in a series on the movers and shakers behind the Monaco US Business Roundtable. We all have that moment. No matter how long you’ve lived abroad, when baseball’s World… More...

Home Style: Great storage ideas come out of the closet for fancy dressing

in Features by Riviera Reporter
What started out as cupboard love has turned into a full-blown passion when it comes to keeping our clothes neat and accessible. Home storage is a very flat and boring way to… More...

Antiquing: Going for brocante

in Features by Caren Trafford
Experts say that words make up a mere 7% of the way we communicate – the rest is body language, inflection and so forth. Relocate to a new country, and this ratio changes.… More...

Daze of the week in the life of an estate agent

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
The role of an Estate Agent is often maligned with the assumption that we spend all day flouncing around in our Ferraris while looking for ways to fleece old people and ruin… More...

Back in the saddle for the Cogs4Cancer charity cycle

in Health, Sport and Fitness by Riviera Reporter
After the success of last year’s inaugural Cogs4Cancer charity cycle, 16 riders from the yachting industry are at it again in aid of Cancer Research UK, Clinique Tzank in… More...

Operation Dragoon, the Liberation of the French Riviera in 1944

in Features by PJ Heslin
The Champagne Campaign. The liberation that took place out your back door, now in hardcover. On June 6th, 2014, the sacrifices of those who participated in D-Day, seventy… More...

You want to learn to speak French? That's Frantastique

in Education and Learning by Riviera Reporter
The French training website Frantastique was developed by its parent company A9 SAS, along with its sister, Gymglish, a professional English training that has been used in… More...

Monaco finds its wings with the Air League

in Community by Nancy Heslin
The view from Sir Stelios’s terrace in Monaco is shelves apart from Charing Cross Road, London, home to Foyle’s flagship bookshop. I am here to meet chairman Christopher… More...

Surveillance cameras in Nice: I’ll be watching you

in Local Living by Riviera Reporter
In 1989, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police hit the airwaves and became a number one hit. Thirty years later it could be the theme song for the city of Nice – and police… More...

Sculptor Spencer Byles creates natural art in the forest

in Outdoors and Nature by Nick Kent
There’s something stirring the imagination down in the woods near La Colle-sur-Loup. Sculptor Spencer Byles spent a year creating 34 works deep in the forest that clothes the… More...

Home Style: The natural look is the latest trend in tiles

in Features by Riviera Reporter
One style of tile is wiping the floor with the rest this summer – the wood-look wonder-tile. The latest technology has been harnessed by chic tile makers such as Marazzi,… More...

Cook d'Azur: Salmon with fresh pea, mint & lemon risotto

in Table Talk by Katie Bills
Katie Bills whips up this refreshingly light early summer dish to enjoy for lunch under a parasol or with a glass of chilled rosé over dinner. Serves 4 Ingredients 4 salmon… More...

Jean Cocteau and Villa Santo Sospir: the artist who came to dinner and never left

in Visiting the Riviera by Margo Lestz
What would you do if you invited someone to spend a week at your holiday home and he decided to redecorate it and then he decided to stay – indefinitely? Francine Weisweiller… More...

Golf Country Club Cannes-Mougins with new director general Mark Vickery

in Golf on the Riviera by Nick Kent
The Brit making his Mark at Mougins. The Honours Board was the first aspect of Cannes-Mougins Golf Club to impress me on my first visit, invited some years ago by a fortunate… More...

Mr Piggy goes to market looking for asparagus and beans

in Table Talk by Riviera Reporter
The local markets seem to have hit a purple patch when it comes to the must-eat seasonal vegetables. Let’s first sniff out the asparagus, its season in full swing. Brought up… More...

In a fix over price, essential tips to get your property sold

in Property and Pools by Tim Clark
Almost daily I’m asked the question: “Why hasn’t my house sold?” Often the answer is fairly simple. We've previously covered preparation and presentation, two fundamental… More...

Gardening: Brown is the new black

in Outdoors and Nature by James Basson
When creating a sustainable garden, we have to bear in mind the need to work with nature and not fight against it; never is this more true than in the height of summer. In… More...

DIY B&B with Airbnb

in Travel by Nancy Heslin
Airbnb has over 2000 listings in Nice but is there a hidden cost for a bargain bed? As I write, Airbnb Inc – the website that “connects people with rooms to share with people… More...

The bare truth on the beach about going topless

in Visiting the Riviera by Lisa Pepin
The Riviera’s beaches are widely known for two things, their beauty and the dress code. I must admit, I receive more inquiries from friends considering a visit about the… More...

Homes and Houses: From historic to modern glass

in Property and Pools by Antonia Owen
This is a tale of two homes that were built centuries apart. At first glance, there seems no similarity whatsoever between an historic 17th-century mansion apartment in the… More...

Antiquing: Searching for souvenirs in Provence? Think big ... very big

in Features by Caren Trafford
Dusty olive trees and rows of lavender against a background of hill top villages; days filled basking in bright sunlight ... this is the picture-postcard Provence that… More...

Home Style: Sitting pretty in the garden

in Features by Riviera Reporter
Everything in the garden is absolutely lovely – until a sudden shower soaks all the garden furniture cushions before you’ve had time to get them inside. No need to keep a… More...

Breaking news, Nice’s School of Journalism goes international

in Education and Learning by Riviera Reporter
Director Marie Boselli-Berenguer has the scoop. RR: The École du Journalisme (EDJ) in Nice offers Bachelor Degrees in both Journalism and Sports Journalism. What’s the story… More...

Pierre the Patriot, and how he destroyed the Bastille

in Features by Margo Lestz
As the French Revolution started, one man recognised and grasped his opportunity to do something important. Then he used his creative marketing skills to complete the task.… More...

Craig Glenday, "Guinness World Records" Editor-in-Chief, makes a stop in Nice

in Features by Riviera Reporter
On Saturday June 21st, 2014, the city of Nice entered the Guinness World Records. As a kick-off to the Fête de la Musique and Nice Jazz Festival, Mayor Estrosi’s very clever… More...

The World Cup of cologne. How one Grasse perfumery scores big in the fragrance game

in Local Living by Joe Dziedziak
A procession of flowers lines the drive to the Arthes perfumery, a property of 36,0000 sqm in Bois-de-Grasse, where the air is rich with the sweetness of Provence: freshly… More...
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