Taking a taxi? Know your rights

TaxiYou're at the head of the queue. You state your destination to the driver of the cab at the front – and he refuses to take you (too short a distance, maybe). He's in the wrong and you can tell him so. Only exception: you can be told to take the shuttle bus if all you want is to travel between the two terminals.

If you don't like the look of a particular driver you can choose another taxi off the stand and neither driver can object.

What will you pay? (Dec 2011 rates)

Day rate (7h00-19h) is €1.72/km; night rate (also Sundays and public holidays) is €2.28/km.
Pick-up charge €2.90
Waiting time is charged at €28.20/hr. Min. fare: €6.20
See http://en.nice.aeroport.fr for average fares from the airport to major towns.

Supplements: (Dec 2011 rates)

Bag €0.74 each
large baggage €1.36 each
animal (excl. guide dogs) €1.36
airport surcharge €1.51,
4th passenger surcharge €1.46, plus any tolls.

The taxi's meter must be clearly visible.

Supplements are not shown on the meter but must be clearly marked on the receipt which is obligatory for all journeys costing €15.24 or above.

If you feel the need to complain write – with a copy of the receipt and the taxi's number (3 numbers below the word Taxi on the roof) to:

M. le Préfet des Alpes-Maritimes
Direction de la Réglementation et des Libertés Publiques
Bureau de la Circulation (Taxis)
06286 Nice Cedex 3

Want to know the cost of a cab before you travel? 
Taxiprices.com gives local fares for worldwide destinations.