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Moving? Here's who you need to tell and when

Moving Day
As soon as possible
  • If a tenant, notify landlord right away and before moving do an inventory with landlord and claim back deposit
  • Organise material conditions of move
  • Call a professional mover to protect against the risk of theft or damage
  • Check to see if your removals company is registered (http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/Liste-des-entreprises-inscrites.html)
  • Time off from work may be granted. Speak to your human resources department
Ensure stability for children’s school
  • Enrol children in new school (when moving during the summer)
  • Request a change of school or keep children in their old school (if you move during the school year)
  • Make arrangements if necessary for children’s care outside of school hours
Within 2 months before the move
  • Inform various agencies by updating contracts & subscriptions
  • Family Allowances Fund (CAF) formulaire cerfa n°11361*02
  • Primary health insurance fund (CPAM). Call 3646
  • Pension (retraite) Call 3960
  • Complementary health insurance (mututelle)
  • Administrations
  • Tax office
  • EDF , France Telecom, Internet Provider
  • Work: Inform employer or unemployment centre (ANPE).
  • Banking: inform all bank accounts
  • Insurance: home, car, life and civil responsibility insurance.
  • Contact energy suppliers (gas and electricity) and advise the companies that manage other accounts or subscriptions, past or future, including:
  • Water services
  • Telephone operators
  • Internet providers
  • In cases of financial difficulties, ask for assistance to pay invoices.
TIP: From two months before the move you can notify for free your change of address to several organisations in one go online:
  • Tax office
  • Family allowance (Caf, MSA)
  • Pension (CNAV, Cram ...)
  • Health insurance (CPAM ...)
  • Post office
  • Some energy suppliers (Direct Energy, EDF, GDF SUEZ)
  • Pôle Emploi
  • Office of National Service
  • Prefecture for car registration.
See https://mdel.mon.service-public.fr/je-change-de-coordonnees.html
In the month following the move, register new address
  • Car Registration (certificat d'immatriculation) (mandatory)
  • National identity card or passport (optional)
  • Foreigners must change address on residence permit (mandatory) or EU residence card
  • Request a refund for lost or damaged goods by the mover. See letter.
Before 31 December
  • Register to vote in new town
Within 6 months following the move
  • If you have at least 3 children, request a moving allowance from the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF). The city and department can sometimes give financial support during a move.
For all links see: http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F14128.xhtml

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