Expat Issues

Items specifically related to expat living whatever your nationality.

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Trialling an EU country for 3 months without any obligations
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Greecing the Wheels
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Buy euros now, leave the UK later
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A public peace process from the Monaco US Business Roundtable
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Gene Budig, Major League President, joins Monaco US Business Roundtable
Taxes in UK or France, is life really greener on the other side?
Monaco US Business Roundtable
Should we stay or should we go back to the UK?
US Tax Update 2014
New UK Capital Gains tax to hit UK property owners in France
Making a difference in the dating game, Expat Dating France
Private number plates: an acquired taste or just poor taste?
Sounds from home, internet music and radio
Starbucks, the French still think coffee-to-go is a big no-no
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The soul of Britain up for sale
Change to passport service for British nationals
Radical Islamists, can’t Britain just do like the French?
Quitting the EU could spell expat disaster
For some, Australia is preferable to France
Are British expats happy in France? Part 2
M&S: No shirts, sandwiches or chicken tikka massala for Nice
Satellite reception - The Reality of TV
Are British expats happy in France?
Think outside the box with internet TV
No change to changing the clocks, at least not yet
Anthony Burgess on Monaco
SKY TV in Europe, Changes to BBC, ITV, C4 & C5
US Tax Revisions 2013 for Americans living and working on the Cote d'Azur
British hospital? No thanks!
Expats elsewhere: the Pain in Spain
UK Winter Fuel Allowance: it’s excellent news but (we say) for how long?
They still don’t want Brits to donate blood
Looking for a man? Well, it’s not too difficult if you don’t mind the dung on his boots
They eat horses, don't they?
Apps for Expats
Media birthdays including 25 years of the Reporter
The London Olympics! The jury’s still out
French healthcare and health insurance
How to choose health insurance
The Mormons: Sorry, no tea, no coffee but try these magic underpants
The Love Coach: Fidelity, the F-Word
The popularity of churches for expats
The Love Coach: A new life after expat divorce
Half and half, cultural confusion
British culture of a cup of tea
Adios el Sueño! say British expats leaving Spain
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Applying for a French work permit as a non-EU citizen
Americans remain comfy at home in the US
VPN : UK or US internet in France
The Language Effect: Being multi or bilingual
Taxing Times for US expats
The sounds of home, the old British obsession with class
Keep that EHIC card up your sleeve!
Monaco might lose its status of personal income tax haven
Why don't British expats vote in UK elections?
Reporting a Crime
French Work Visa
How to become naturalized French
What's that in French?