What and how much the French eat

Bon appétit!According to one (disapproving) nutritionist’s calculation the average French eater will take in 6000 calories on each of the end of year pig out days (réveillons).

But across the twelve months our Gallic hosts are rather well fed on a daily basis. Consumer affairs journalist Florence Massin has offered an analysis of what Monsieur and Madame put away between ages 15 and 75.

Across six decades they get through 10 pigs, 5 sheep, 2 cows and 660 chickens ... plus 450 salmon. They also demolish 39,000 apples, 15,000 eggs, 14,000 baguettes and 480 kilos of butter. And much else, of course. Recent years have seen changes, though: the French are now eating less red meat and more poultry. And they’ve drastically cut back on their wine drinking – from 135 litres a year in 1966 to 57 litres last year.

Finally, chocoholic and former president Nicolas Sarkozy shares his taste with a majority of his compatriots. Average consumption of the stuff – reputed to be both an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac – has risen to nearly 7 kilos.