The Flying Eye next door, a buzzing aerial drone

We know that they're used by intelligence agencies and the military but what's with that aerial drone buzzing over the neighbour's garden? It could be the kid next door playing with his latest expensive toy but if the unmanned flying machine looks rather too large and expensive for that, chances are it's working for the Antibes-based “Flying Eye”. The company has been importing, building, modifying and operating radio-controlled drones since 2009 but only recently started using them to film upmarket properties for sale on the Côte d'Azur. Brothers and Skema Business School graduates Alexandre and Grégoire Thomas operate a fleet of almost 100 drones which are mainly used for industrial, television or cinema production purposes. Now private sellers and estate agents can have their properties professionally filmed by one of the devices. Featured on the BBC and France2 television, Flying Eye will also handle the production of a promotional film aimed at selling a property. Alexandre claims that an Iranian buyer recently purchased a villa in Cannes Californie based solely on the drone footage and without visiting it first.

If you'd like an aerial look at the Royal Mougins Golf Resort, see the drone-assisted video on Flying Eye website. Click on Portfolio at

Flying EyeFlying Eye, set up by brothers who are both SKEMA Business School graduates, operate a fleet of nearly 100 drones used mainly for industrial, television or cinema production. Estate agents and private sellers are a growing clientele for this Antibes-based company.
Photo: Flying Eye