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French word of the Day: Cul This slang term is the subject of a classic pitfall for many French learners.
Why French cross-border workers choose to work in Switzerland Nearly half of French workers living near the Swiss border are employed in Geneva. That’s because French companies can’t match the salaries these people are earning in Switzerland.
France delays its summer sales to July 15th to help struggling retailers The summer sales in France will start on July 15th - later than usual in a bid to help out the struggling retail sector, still reeling from two months of lockdown.
Passengers warned forms still needed for travelling to the UK from France Anyone travelling to the UK from France is being warned that they still need to complete the contact locator form before travelling.
IN PICTURES: French nightclub workers stage protest over closures Workers in French nightclubs and discos on Sunday protested in Paris to urge the government to allow their dance floors to get moving again, saying closure as a coronavirus precaution risked putting many out of business.
'Little chance of a Covid-19 vaccine before 2021' warns French epidemiologist There is little chance of a 100-percent effective coronavirus vaccine by 2021, a French expert warned on Sunday, urging people to take social distancing measures more seriously.
France’s new PM vows help for Covid 19-hit French Guiana As virus numbers soar in French Guiana, France’s new prime minister traveled Sunday to the South American territory and promised not to ignore its suffering.
French doctors call for more stringent rules on face masks A group of 14 French doctors has urged stricter measures on the wearing of face masks, in order to prevent a second wave of Covid-19 cases.
French mayor regrets lack of rules respect at Nice DJ set The mayor of the French Mediterranean city of Nice on Sunday said he regretted a lack of social distancing at a shoreside DJ set thronged by partying crowds, vowing that in future masks would be obligatory at such outdoor events.
Radish redux in France as humble veggie touted as perfect champagne pairing While some champagne aficionados claim foie gras or even caviar is the ultimate accompaniment, one French chemist has touted the humble radish as the perfect pick when imbibing a festive flute of the French bubbly. And his claim is backed by a top champagne house.
Top executives quit French gaming giant Ubisoft in sexual harassment probe A number of senior staff have stepped down at French video game company Ubisoft as it conducts an internal investigation into sexual harassment claims.
Oromos say Ethiopia has become a ‘dangerous country for us’ at Paris rally Ethiopia has seen deadly unrest since Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa was shot dead at the end of June, with Oromos denouncing their marginalisation within a country that many experts are saying is becoming an authoritarian regime once more – despite the election of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Read More
Nothing gives champagne its fizz like a humble radish Forget Beluga caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon or ortolan, the tiny bird that French gourmets put a napkin over their heads to eat so they can savour every last second of their unique aroma.
Senior staff leave gaming firm Ubisoft in harassment probe Gaming company Ubisoft's second most powerful executive is among senior staff to have left the firm as it pursues an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations, it said Sunday.
French doctors call for stricter rules on masks A group of 14 doctors in France called Saturday for stricter rules on the wearing of masks, to ensure there was no resurgence of the coronavirus.
Widow of French bus driver beaten to death over masks says family is 'destroyed' The wife of a French bus driver savagely beaten after he asked four passengers to wear face masks aboard his vehicle called Saturday for “exemplary punishment” after he died of his injuries.
Fury in France as protesters slam Macron’s choice of interior minister accused of rape Chanting “Impunity is Over!” or dancing against sexual violence, women’s rights activists protested Friday in multiple cities in France and abroad against President Emmanuel Macron’s appointment of a new interior minister who is accused of rape and a justice minister who has minimized the #MeToo movement.
The people tirelessly restoring Notre-Dame to its former glory After months of debate, a French national heritage and architectural commission has approved plans to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral "as it was" before being engulfed in a fire last year. In this week's show, we take you inside the monument to see the perilous restoration work that's currently taking place. Next, Read More
Decades on, 'hidden children' forced into orphanages of colonial France remain traumatised During the French colonisation of West Africa, several thousand children born of relations between French colonialists and African women were abandoned by their father and taken from their mother. Owing to a decision by the Governor General of French West Africa, these mixed-race children were separated from the rest of society and placed Read More

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