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French strikes: heading for a repeat of 1995 nationwide shutdown? French unions behind the December strikes hope that their action will pressure the government into backing down from its attempts to overhaul the pension system – just like they did in 1995. The circumstances 24 years on are remarkably similar. But how much has the context changed?
Strikes: Transport chaos continues across France Public transport in France was crippled for a fourth day Sunday as the government prepared to respond to anger over pension reforms that brought hundreds of thousands onto the streets as workers embarked on open-ended protest.
Miss Universe France takes a spill on runway during swimsuit competition Maeva Coucke, Miss France 2018, was one of several contestants who slipped and fell on the runway during the swimsuit competition of Miss Universe, ahead of the final gala evening on Sunday in the US city of Atlanta.
French PM in second emergency Sunday meeting ahead of fresh strikes French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is on Sunday meeting ministers involved in his sweeping pension reform, three days after the launch of a nationwide strike that has brought key transport services to a standstill and shows no sign of letting up.
‘Black Monday’ in Paris: These metro, bus and streetcar lines are strike-affected Ongoing strikes against French President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms will continue on Monday, hitting commuters in the Paris metro area.
French soldier seriously injured in Mali by landmine A French soldier in Mali has been seriously injured by an improvised explosive device while on duty in the region of Liptako that straddles Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, military staff have confirmed.
France: Macron to hold crisis talks on pension reforms French President Emmanuel Macron will on Sunday meet ministers involved in his radical pension reform which has prompted a nationwide strike and brought key transport services to a standstill.
'The people around me don't seem to really care': The French defying Macron More than 800,000 people took to the streets across France on Thursday on the first day of a nationwide strike over President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms.
More transport chaos ahead as French unions call for further strikes France's main rail workers' unions have warned of more strike action over the coming days, as thousands turned out in the streets to show their anger over the government's pension reforms. The Yellow Vest movement, now in its 56th week also joined in, while elsewhere, truck drivers blocked major roads.
'Everyone is very worried’: Paris shops hit by ongoing strike Three weeks before Christmas, Paris’s landmark department stores are virtually empty of shoppers as a result of the ongoing transport strike. Shopkeepers are worried for their future if it continues.
Turmoil continues in France as nationwide strike extends through weekend The most serious nationwide strike to hit France in years caused new weekend travel turmoil on Saturday, with unions warning the walkouts would last well into next week.
French government stands firm as new wave of pension strikes planned The most serious nationwide strike to hit France in years caused new weekend travel turmoil on Saturday, with unions warning the walkouts would last well into next week.
One thousand truck drivers block motorways across France in diesel protest Motorways and roads across the country are to be blocked on Saturday, with truck drivers protesting against tax increases on diesel fuel.
Macron ally, centrist leader Francois Bayrou charged over misuse of funds French veteran centrist leader Francois Bayrou was Friday charged with "complicity in siphoning off public money" in a case related to the embezzlement of European Parliament funds, a judicial source said.
French centrist leader Francois Bayrou charged over public funds misuse, but says he'll stay put French veteran centrist leader Francois Bayrou has been charged with "complicity in siphoning off public money" in a case related to the embezzlement of European Parliament funds, according to a judicial source on Friday.
People make a living out of wine, but it's also killing them: welcome to the French paradox France has replaced plans to promote "Dry January" - a UK initiative to stay off the booze for a month - with "Janvier Sobre" encouraging people to limit their intake to two glasses a day. Advocating abstinence in a country where two-thirds of its regions are wine-producing is complicated. 
France's pension system: How it works and what does Macron want to change? French labour unions have vowed a wave of strikes against a pension overhaul promised by President Emmanuel Macron, a centrepiece of his drive to reform vast swathes of the economy.
France strikes to continue as government vows not to give in The French government says it will press on with far-reaching pension reforms in the face of the biggest strikes in years, which have brought public transport in much of the country to a standstill. The disruption began on Thursday and is set to go on through the weekend and into the ...
'The French know we will have to work longer': PM vows to push on with pension reform The French government is "very determined" to
push ahead with its pensions reforms, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on
the second day of a crippling nationwide strike aimed at pressuring President
Emmanuel Macron to shelve the plan.
France faces difficult weekend on roads and rail as strikes continue to bite France faces a weekend of badly disrupted transport on roads and rail as strikes over the government's pension reforms continue. Here's what you need to know about if you are travelling.
Police in Paris fear more violence at 'yellow vest' marches on Saturday Police are bracing themselves for the possibility of more violence on Saturday from rioters attending 'yellow vest' protests.
Travel turmoil grips France as strikes enter second day Travellers faced a second day of chaos across France on Friday as unions pressed on with a strike aimed at forcing the government of President Emmanuel Macron to abandon pension reforms.
France rejects US offer to make international tax reform plans optional France has turned down a US proposal for companies to opt out of a proposed international tax reform, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said, as he urged Washington to negotiate in good faith.
Unisex toy store in Strasbourg challenges pink/blue divide Walk into most any toy store in France, and the colours will hit you: on one side pink boxes of dolls, on the other, blue boxes of cars and construction kits. In Strasbourg, one store is trying to change this by offering a setting where toys are neither for girls ...
Was French writer Albert Camus killed by the KGB? Nearly 60 years after French Nobel laureate Albert Camus died in a car accident aged 46, an Italian writer has argued in a new book that he was assassinated by KGB spies in retaliation for his anti-Soviet stance.
Discovering Brittany's bistros in winter We head to the western French region of Brittany to discover its bistros. In a retro-style establishment, young and old alike enjoy playing games like shuffleboard or "little skittles". Meanwhile, whether it rains, snows or shines, it’s always party time at the Tara Inn bistro in Brest. Every Monday, the stage is ...
The cartoon character worth millions The cartoon journalist Tintin has been solving mysteries and bamboozling the bad guys since 1929.
There's no mystery about the enduring appeal of this cartoon character, or of the original artwork for the comic books, drawn by Belgian artist Hergé.
Fans of the boy reporter love the drawings for their ...
Only the beginning? Day one of massive strikes against Macron pension reform This time, will Emmanuel Macron meet his match? Macron, who has managed to pass public rail reform and survive the Yellow Vest movement is now facing what could be the start of a long movement against pension reform that brings together hospital workers, teachers, students and even the staff at the ...
Striking not even an option for overstretched Paris Fire Brigade As a nationwide transport strike makes it difficult for French people to get to work, one group of workers remain on the frontline: the "sapeurs-pompiers" or firefighting paramedics, who make up the backbone of the French capital's emergency services. The overstretched Paris brigade of 8,000 firefighters respond to half a million calls every year, many ...

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