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Man killed and woman badly injured in latest electric scooter crash in France A 25-year-old man was killed and a young woman was seriously injured Sunday in the western French city of Bordeaux after a car hit their electric scooter before fleeing the scene, the police said.
How to claim compensation over French rail strike disruption After three days on unexpected strike action service on France's railways is slowly returning to normal on Monday.
French-speaking Youtubers crossover into journalism As Youtube audiences grow, French-speaking creators with large fan bases are getting bolder with their content.
Full rail service to resume in France Monday after strike France's junior transport minister has said that rail services would slowly return to normal on Monday after three days of strike action disrupted the start of the Autumn school holidays.
Southern France on heavy rain and flooding alert National weather forecaster Météo France has placed four departments on orange alert for rain and flooding, with some areas experiencing a month’s worth of rain in just 24 hours.
Remains of French victims killed in Ethiopia airlines crash returned home Ten French victims who were killed in a Boeing 737 Max crash in Ethiopia in March, have been honoured during a special ceremony at Paris Orly airport, as controversy grows over why an aircraft with a flawed design was allowed to fly.
France says Brexit delay 'in nobody's interest' France said on Saturday that any new delay in Britain's departure from the EU was "in nobody's interest" after British MPs postponed a decision on a new Brexit deal.
European governments to block Facebook's digital money Major European players are joining forces to block Facebook's proposed digital currency because of the dangers it poses to “national sovereignty”, according to French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire.
French PM accuses striking rail workers of disregard for ordinary people French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says a wildcat strike by rail workers is causing havoc for passengers at the start of school holidays.
All France's OUIGO trains cancelled on Saturday due to strike France's CGT rail union continued its last-minute strike on Friday, with a spokesperson for state rail company SNCF saying the situation was "essentially identical" to that on Friday.
New US tariffs 'a hostile act': French Economy Minister New US tariffs on $7.5 billion in European goods are a "hostile act" from American allies, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday, adding that wine tariffs were "profoundly unfair."
Paris power couple given jail terms for money laundering A French power couple who dominated politics in a wealthy suburb of Paris for decades were given jail terms Friday for money laundering, sealing their fall from grace after earlier convictions for tax fraud.
Seek and destroy: French customs' war on counterfeit goods The global counterfeit goods market is worth an estimated €460 billion yearly, according to OECD and EU figures. In France, demand for cheap counterfeit goods is on the rise. Last year alone, French customs police seized almost 5.5 million knock-off replicas of branded products - everything from trainers to medication. ...
The delicious French foods that are also surprisingly healthy Have you ever wondered how the French stay so slim and live for a long time despite their love of wine and pastries? Catherine Edwards discovers the health benefits behind some classic Gallic grub.
What you need to know about France's new museum of food France is generally pretty content to think of itself as the world centre of food - and UNESCO agrees - but now it has opened a new museum to share its gastronomic secrets.
French expression of the day: Jetez un œil You will probably be invited to do this at one time or another if you spend time in France, so best figure out what it involves (which is not chucking body parts around).
'Hang on, is it 80 or 90km/h?': France split over speed limit on priority routes An ongoing saga involving the unpopular speed limit drop from 90 to 80km/h on countryside roads in France has seen the government pass the buck to regional authorities to decide what to do about it. The result? A mishmash of speed limits that’s confusing drivers.
Trains across France delayed and cancelled due to unexpected strike Trains across France are severely disrupted on Friday after the network was hit by unexpected strike action.
IN PICTURES: France's first floating solar power plant France has unveiled its first floating solar power plant.
Where in France you can protest against Brexit this weekend Brits in France who want to protest against the UK’s imminent departure from the EU have several events they can attend on Saturday, October 19th.
French Epstein associate accused of sexual harassment A French modelling agent suspected of procuring young women for the disgraced US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been formally accused of sexual harassment, French judicial sources said Thursday.
Italian court rejects bid to halt loan of da Vinci work to Louvre An Italian court on Wednesday rejected a last-minute bid to halt the loan of Leonardo da Vinci's iconic Vitruvian Man drawing and other works to France's Louvre museum, ending a bitter cultural row.

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