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France records at least 884 coronavirus deaths in care homes for elderly At least 884 elderly people have died in nursing homes in France since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, French health chiefs reported on Thursday. It is the first time that figures for non-hospital deaths have been revealed.
France records 471 more virus deaths in hospitals as total toll tops 5,000 France recorded 471 new deaths in hospitals and 884 deaths in retirement homes due to the coronavirus, the country's chief medical adviser told a press conference on Thursday.
Podcast: Sick with coronavirus in France, new markets for asparagus, the first photo of the sun It's possible that most coronavirus cases in France are not counted. We hear from one person who was diagnosed over the phone, and who waited out the quarantine at home, alone, with little official intervention. Also, an asparagus farmer is forced to find new ways to distribute after restaurants and Read More
France to release smartphone version of lockdown permission form The French government announced on Thursday that it will soon make a smartphone version of the compulsory lockdown permission form available to the public.
Paris police requisition market hall to store bodies of coronavirus victims Paris police have requisitioned a hall at a vast fresh food market to store the bodies of coronavirus victims already overwhelming funeral homes.
Coronavirus: In France, professionals look to extend legal abortion time limit In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, concerned professionals are asking the government to extend the 12-week time limit to have an abortion by two weeks amid worries that women with unwanted pregnancies are afraid to leave their homes given the current health crisis.
When and how will France's coronavirus lockdown measures end? Among a population ordered to stay at home, the question of when all this will end is understandably on most people's minds right now. But it may not have a simple answer.
French finance minister calls for a debt moratorium for African countries In light of the rapid spread of Covid-19 on the African continent, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said at a press conference on Thursday that in order to avoid a tragedy in developing countries, especially on the African continent, debt payments should be suspended.
France's best villages: 14 hidden gems that the French love Fourteen villages are battling for the title of France’s ‘favourite village’ in 2020. Here's a look at each of them and why they are worth planning a visit to.
ANALYSIS: Why coronavirus won't prove deadly for France's tourist industry With the country on lockdown, tourist businesses have already been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, but the damage is unlikely to be long term, say academics Johan Vincent and Yves-Marie Evanno.
New data sheds light on who is dying from coronavirus in France French demographers have launched a database of information on Covid-19, rounding out perceptions of who is most affected by the new coronavirus.  
French word of the day: Malbouffe This is something we all would do well to avoid during lockdown.
What you need to know about filing taxes in France in 2020 France has extended its tax declaration deadline due to the coronavirus crisis, but it still needs to be done. Here's how.
Chômage partiel: How to access partial unemployment in France Some 4 million workers in France are currently temporarily or partially unemployed as the coronavirus crisis brings businesses to a halt. Here’s how you can access support.
UPDATE: What you need to know about the coronavirus epidemic in France This article gives you all the latest news and information on the coronavirus crisis in France and how the government is dealing with it and the advice you need to follow. (Paywall Free)
A French homeless shelter adapts quickly, but not adequately to virus lockdown (2/3) Social workers handling precarious populations have been forced to adapt quickly, often with little guidance and resources, to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. A receptionist at a reception centre in Normandy recounts his stressful days shortly after France went into a nationwide lockdown last month.
Coronavirus travel restrictions around Europe: Which transport remains available? Much of Europe has closed its external borders to non-citizens – and within the continent’s borders, there are drastic restrictions and severely reduced traffic on major transport routes. FRANCE 24 tells more about what’s moving and what’s stuck around the continent.
French PM warns lockdown will not be lifted ‘in one go’ France is likely to unwind its nationwide coronavirus lockdown gradually rather than in one go, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe told parliament on Wednesday while the interior minister noted 359,000 fines for violating the lockdown had been issued since lockdown began in mid-March.
Son of French aid worker abducted in Mali says France has ‘proof of life’ France’s foreign ministry has evidence dating from early March that French hostage Sophie Pétronin is alive, her son told France Info radio on Wednesday. The ailing aid worker was abducted by armed men in Mali in 2016.

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