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RT @AFP: French grape harvest heading to historic low
RT @TIME: Why mosquitoes bite some people and not others
RT @VisitCotedazur: 5 idées de Brunch cet été sur la Côte d’Azur via @RivieraCityG : #CotedAzurFrance
RT @guardian: Paris plunge: daily queues after city opens cleaned-up canal to swimmers
RT @andymoz78: If only we had been warned, ...oh, we were? And voted for this anyway?
RT @tony_nog: Does anyone seriously think 52% voted for "survival"?
RT @mulhollandrory: British architect, carpenter jailed in France for trying to smuggle migrants from Calais into UK on board Cessna plane:…
RT @UKIPNFKN: Is this the Brexit banking exodus Theresa May told us couldn’t happen? via @Guardian #Brexit #MayDUP #StopBrexit
RT @ReutersUK: Reuters poll - One-in-three chance Britain-EU divorce talks end with no deal: economists https://t.c…
RT @RFI_English: Is the National Front about to reinvent itself?
Britons living in Europe could lose right to live in another EU country
France could face ‘mega-heatwaves’ of more than 50C by 2100, researchers warn
EU says Britain unable to agree on key positions on Brexit as second round of talks fail to deliver…
French singer Barbara Weldens collapses and dies during concert
French and Riviera News.Thursday.20.07.2017
RT @Independent: Brexit is going to be even worse than we thought, warns the biggest accountancy firm in the world
RT @Open_Britain: Former UK-EU negotiator: May is handling Brexit in the 'absolute worst way' possible
RT @LivingFrance: We're not at all surprised! Survey confirms #France is Brits' favourite country to visit for the food>
RT @FrenchTechCdA: Vive La France : The #FrenchTech Companies Taking On The World v/ @frsilicon
@CaspersAnorak We have full control already, like other EU countries. Most use it. We chose not to. Our fault.
RT @BBCBusiness: Hate credit and debit card surcharges? Then you might find this to be good news..
RT @CatEdwards93: Serving frozen food without telling customers is a crime in Italy
RT @PJAdams10: Who can beat sipping vino overlooking a valley in Southern #France? https://…
RT @Independent: Hundreds of delivery drivers are blocking the roads outside Parliament
RT @POLITICOEurope: France is this year’s top soft power
RT @davidallengreen: In a surprise but brilliant move, David Davis has asked Michel Barnier to take over the UK side of the negotiations to…
RT @TheLocalFrance: The most common scams by thieves to avoid whilst driving in France
RT @IndyTravel: This new app will take away all the hassle if your flight is disrupted

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