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France a ‘historic’ ally of US, not a vassal state, says Macron French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview on Wednesday two long-time allies like France and America should treat each other with respect, after US President Donald Trump attacked him on Twitter.
We survived for CENTURIES before the recent advent of the computer.
Doesn’t make smashing all our computers now a particularly smart move. https://t.co/7WlCH4Z47F
Marine Le Pen buoyed by ‘growing discontent’ in France ahead of European parliamentary election The far-right leader appears to be making a comeback ahead of the European parliamentary elections, buoyed by mounting frustration with French President Emmanuel Macron.
French govt spokesman hits back at Trump's lack of 'decency' US President Donald Trump should have shown "common decency" instead of attacking his French counterpart on Tuesday, France’s government spokesman has said, noting that the country was marking the anniversary of deadly terrorist attacks.
Readers’ tips: Which mobile phone provider is the best for foreigners living in rural France? Each week The Local asks its readers to share their tips about various aspects of living in France. This week we asked their opinion on which mobile phone provider to go with if you live in rural France. Here's what they had to say.
OPINION: Brexit deal does not deliver on the rights of Britons in Europe While the UK Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that her final draft Brexit deal delivers on the referendum vote, groups representing the hundreds of thousands of Britons living across the EU say she had failed to deliver on their rights.
France sets out plan to end 'imported deforestation' France set out plans on Wednesday to tackle deforestation around the world, saying it would look to curb imports of products such as palm oil, soy and beef that contribute to the destruction of forest areas.
'More holes than cheese': A recap of what Theresa May's Brexit deal means for Brits in Europe British Prime Minister Theresa May will present her already much-maligned Brexit deal to her government on Wednesday. Here's a recap of what that draft deal - as agreed in March - means for British citizens living in Europe and those who aim to move here in the near future and ...
More than one in ten French people in Britain want to leave after Brexit More than one in ten - or 13 percent - French people currently living in Britain want to leave the UK once Brexit has gone through, a new poll reveals.
France promises measures to pacify furious drivers but vows crackdown on road blocks The French prime minister has promised to ease the financial burden on motorists in France as anger increases over rising fuel prices but has vowed that the planned road blocks at protests around the country this weekend will not be tolerated.
Carte de séjour: The key questions about French residency permits you need answering The issue of residency permits is troubling the tens of thousands of Brits living in France who are preparing for the impact of the UK's departure from the EU. Here we answer some common questions about the carte de séjour with the help of Debra Archer from Remain in France ...
Royal Wedding set for Louis Ducruet His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco will see his nephew Louis Ducruet marry long-term girlfriend Marie Chevallier next summer.
The post Royal Wedding set for Louis Ducruet appeared first on Monaco Life.
Pierre Rabhi meets the students of the Principality Three hundred students from the public and private institutions of the Principality had the chance to meet Pierre Rabhi.
The post Pierre Rabhi meets the students of the Principality appeared first on Monaco Life.
Annual Kermess to take place on 1st December The annual Ecumenical Kermesse will be held in the Fontvieille Chapiteau
in Monaco on Saturday 1 December 2018.
The post Annual Kermess to take place on 1st December appeared first on Monaco Life.
How about this for a Brexit solution - stay in the EU but outside the single currency? That way UK is a rule maker,Irish border question is solved, no barriers for manufacturers, financial market stays strong in London, UK sets own interest rates, taxes , foreign policies etc.
Trump slams Macron, France in burst of tweets after Paris visit US President Donald Trump attacked his French counterpart on Tuesday in a series of tweets that underscored how much the once-friendly ties between the two leaders have soured, just two days after returning from Paris.
London mayor in France for anniversary of Nov. 13 Paris attacks France on Tuesday marked the third anniversary of the country’s deadliest ever terrorist attacks with a procession linking the areas in and around Paris that were struck by jihadist gunmen on November 13, 2015.
Recently more French employers have reported an intention to hire on permanent, rather than temporary, contracts https://t.co/QgFK3zO51A
Tax man is watching, France to comb social media for cheats The net is closing in on tax cheats, as France is set to use social media in the battle against fraud. The state is set to scour French citizens' Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for details -- and any discrepancies -- about their lifestyle.
Amid unity over WWI centenary, 'nationalist' Trump stands alone US President Donald Trump’s intermittent participation in World War I Armistice ceremonies alongside other world leaders in France offered fresh evidence of a disconnect between the White House and the rest of the Western world.
'Paris Call': 51 states vow support for global rules on cyberweapons Fifty-one states, including all EU members, have pledged their support for a new international agreement to set standards on cyberweapons and the use of the internet, the French government said Monday.
Thrilling night dash sees 62-year-old Frenchman win transatlantic race French yachtsman Francis Joyon, 62, won the Route du Rhum transatlantic race in record time on Sunday, outpacing young competitor Francois Gabart in a nail-biting final lap around Guadeloupe's main island.
How France was forced to reassess its ideas about radicalised youth When Paris was hit by two major terrorist attacks in 2015, France embarked on a painful journey to understand the radicalisation of its youth. Three years later, researchers have discredited initial theories about the “typical” home-grown terrorist.
Trump's no-show at WWI cemetery memorial 'out of concern for Paris traffic' Stung by criticism for not attending an event honoring U.S. military dead, the White House says President Donald Trump didn't want to disrupt Paris roadways for a last-minute motorcade to a cemetery in northern France.
By the time the post-Brexit relationship is outlined and legally binding, many companies will have already decided to leave Britain https://t.co/uxgLe0rkik
Paris Peace Forum vows ‘fightback’ against nationalist, authoritarian surge After marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War in a show of unity on Sunday, world leaders gathered in the French capital to hear impassioned pleas for global cooperation at a “Peace Forum” shunned by US President Donald Trump.
French officials seize Ryanair Boeing 737 jet at Bordeaux airport | Travel News | eTurboNews https://t.co/A7A5ctNQoU

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