Earthquakes, surviving the "big one"

earthquakeAs an architect who is actively involved in earthquake preparedness and response training in Seattle, Washington. I read with interest “Where the earth has moved, it will move again” article in the August/September Reporter. I am writing to send you the earthquake survival sheet distributed by the City of Seattle for their residents.
In 2001 Seattle experienced a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. Due in large part to the media and the city constantly reminding people of how to prepare themselves for and how to react to an earthquake, the loss of life was one person (heart attack) and approximately $2 billion in damage. The attached flyer by the Seattle Chapter of the American Red Cross helped people prepare for, react and cope with the earthquake. In light of your article, I thought you might find the information useful and perhaps could, from time to time, send it on to your readers.
Gerry Ronningen-Fenrich, AIA

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