Radio Bleu Azur

Some of our readers, we know, look at Nice-Matin on a regular basis and that surely is a sign of a wish to “integrate”. But what about local radio? A quick cruise across the FM band can be bewildering – there’s so much stuff there and some of it pretty dire (try a minute or two with Rires et chansons on 87.7). But worth your time is certainly Radio Bleu Azur, Radio France’s station serving the Alpes-Maritimes.

Emmanuel DelattreThe other day I sat in their garden at Place Grimaldi as Director Emmanuel Delattre outlined RBA’s current output.

As he said, it aims to be “the radio of the azuréens” and if you live here you’re one of them. Across the day the station offers a constant flow of news and reports. It’s the best place for up to date weather and traffic info along with short and snappy practical features on a wide range of topics from gardening through DIY to keeping your dog healthy. All this with a strong local flavour – there’s even a daily 3-minute spot in nissart and (for those with a taste for tragedy) live coverage of “tous les matchs de l’OGC Nice”. But you don’t think your French is up to it? Give it a few minutes every day and you’ll find you understand more and more ... and become more and more of an azuréen.

You’ll find RBA on 100.7 or 103.8 (Nice, Antibes, Cannes), 94.8 (Menton), 94.4 (Contes). In the Var you can hear Radio Bleu Provence from Aix (101.4) and Toulon (102.9).