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Apps for summer on the Riviera

Apps are everywhere and if you own an iOS device or smart phone they can make your life here a lot easier. This regular column will look at Apps that concern expats, the Riviera or - this time round - summer.

There are also apps like BBC or Sky Televison which can only be used within the UK. Our advertiser HASEurope can solve that problem cheaply, quickly and easily through their VPN service. We use it daily.

You can presume that all apps mentioned in this column are iOS - in other words  they function on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Those that can run on Android or smart phones as well are usually indicated. We also tell you whether an internet connection by Wifi or 3G and/or GPS capability is needed. If the App is free we say so, otherwise presume it's paid. "Optimised for iPad" means that the app makes full use of the iPad screen without that pesky "2x" button.

Don't forget that you can also read the Reporter off line on your mobile device and carry around dozens of issues of the Reporter on iPad or laptop. You can email one page or an entire issue directly to whoever you want and with the right software (we use neuAnnotate or GoodReader) you can even mark the pages or articles that interest you and underline or highlight text you want to refer back to.

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French Riviera Roaming : Things to do and see. Beaches, walks, gardens, restaurants, events, markets. Only just worth the1,59€ price (hey, that's a cup of coffee) but it is usable off line and is optimised for iPad.

Guide Michelin Hotels and Restaurants 2012 : The ultimate guide. Not cheap at 7,99€ but no more expensive than the printed red guide and a lot easier to carry around.

Monument Trackers : Monuments, sites, gardens and classified facades to see. In French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish. Can be used offline but a little expensive at 1,59€. Each town must be bought separately. Android versions exist.
Nice - Cannes - Antibes

PACA Guide to Provence : If you download this one we'd like to know what you think. It's enormous (703 Mo) but it can be used off line. In French only. Seems rich in information but also contains plugs for hotels and restaurants. iPad optimised. Free.


AroundMe : Find the nearest ATM, parking lot, hospital, petrol station or just about anything else anywhere you travel. iOS & Android versions. Interacts with GPS. Requires Wifi or 3G. Free.
iTunes - Android version - Site

NIce Aeroport : This is our airport's official app. Fine for iPhone but not optimised for iPad. Arrivals, departures, emergency numbers. For iOS & Smart Phones. Requires Wifi (free at the airport) or 3G. Free.
iTunes - Smart Phone

iPlane Nice Airport Flight Info : This is a paid app (1,59€) but it is iPad optimised and much easier to consult than the Nice Aéroport app for real-time flight information. Same information as on the airport screens. Requires Wifi or 3G.

British Airways : The official British Airways app. Compatible but not yet optimised for iPad. Excellent for T5 "Go to Gate" warning. Paperless checkin by QR code, prices, itineraries. Also available for Android. Free.
Site - iTunes - Android

SNCFDirect : Much better than the SNCF website for timetables, reservations, routes and delays. Even quai numbers for your train. You can also email your itinerary and ETA to anyone directly from the app. Requires Wifi or 3G. IOS, Blackberry, Android. Free.
Site - iTunes

TER (Trains Régionaux) : in French. Local train timetables. Free.
iTunes - Android

Lignes d'Azur : Buses in Nice. Route maps. In French. With internet connection and GPS the app will tell you the next buses in your proximity and predicted arrival time. Free.

Ferries to Corsica : Corsica Ferries from Nice. Timetables, reservations, tarifs. Free.
Site - iTunes


Essence pas Cher : The best petrol prices around you in French. Free. For Android try ZaGaz.
iTunes - ZaGaz

Find my Car! : Ever wandered around an unfamiliar parking lot or street wondering where you parked? If your device is GPS enabled, this app can be a time saver. There are plenty of "Find my" apps around but this one not only records where you left your car; it also tells you how far away and in which direction it is, shows you the shortest route there and even can take a picture of the parking place. Does not require Wifi or 3G. (0,79€)

MotoPACA : A CRT app in French. Suggested Riviera itineraries for bikers but useful for drivers also. Free.


Sun & Moon : Here comes the sun... but when will it be on my balcony or in that village square for a nice photo? Will that house I'm looking at be in the shade in the morning? This app tells you. Free with in-app upgrade for Pro version. iPad optimisation coming soon.

Scuba Diving in France : A comprehensive guide to diving sights in France, including the Mediterranean coast. Rates sites by quality, depth, visibility, experience needed and dive type. Also indicates dive shops and diving schools. (3,99 €)

Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival : Programme, reservations, in French, English and Italian. Free.

My Monte-Carlo : Guide to going out in Monaco. French, English, Italian. Free.

Velo Bleu : There are bike lanes from the port of Nice all the way to Antibes. No bike? You can rign up tfor a "velo bleu" card and serve yourself from one of 175 stations offering almost 2000 public bicycles in and around Nice. The last westbound station is near the Cagnes Hippodrome. This app in French and English tells you in real time where there are stations with bikes available or free places to park the one you're using. Requires Wifi or 3G. Free.
iTunes - Site (French)


Find a toilet : WC Finder - find the nearest public toilet. Sponsored by the Le Trefle loo paper people. Depends upon users reporting toilets they know of. Indicates handicapped accessibility. Requires WiFi or 3G connection. Free.

Find a defibrillator : France counts 50,000 deaths a year from heart attack. A defibrillator reduces the risk by 30%. "Défibrillateurs en France" is free.

Apportunity : We have a soft spot for this one. The brainchild of IUM student Alex Kern, it looks like a "let's meet" social app but it's not quite that. The idea is that if you have something to offer (like a job or a used car for sale) you can find people near you who are looking for just that. Or you can seek something and others can connect with you if they have it. Needs a larger user base to be really effective but it's growing daily, mostly around Monaco. Exists also for Android. Free.
Site - iTunes - Android

Vocal tanslation on the fly : These are almost beyond belief. Speak into your iPhone or iPad in English and it will translate back in French, Italian, German - or the reverse. We use SayHi (0,79€) and its accuracy is remarkable. Google Translate (Free) exists also for Android and claims to do the same as SayHi but we haven't tested it. (Free) These apps do require Wifi or 3G.
SayHI - iTunes - Google Translate. - Android

app ligneazur

app MonumentTracker

app ligneazur2

app scuba

app britishair

app findmycar

app velobleu2

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