Red alert at the traffic lights

Traffic light cameras are spreading fast – there are more than 20 operating in the Alpes-Maritimes, and the Marseille area has almost as many.

Driver taken by surpriseDrivers from outside France are often taken by surprise at the speed at which traffic lights tend to change here – there seems to be much less “amber” time.

The punishment from a motorist who chances his or her arm and decides to griller a red light is not insignificant – usually 4 points off the licence and a €135 fine.

Drivers should inform themselves of the location of the radars by consulting “Emplacements” at A driver must be aware that the line en pointillé, or little arrows, in front of the lights mark the place where you must stop. If you cross this line you are likely to be “flashed” even if you are not moving forward. The authorities say that these “flashes” will usually not count as a contravention, but it is best to not try out this alleged leniency.