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Keeping pets and animals in France.

King Tommy

King Tommy, the first Indian Native Therapy Dog

Monique Gold | Apr 03, 2016
He has travelled far, King Tommy. His ancestors are documented in tales about the Hindu Gods and the first accounts of Indian culture talk about what is now called the Indian Native Dog (the INDog), one of the few remaining primitive breeds in the…
Dog in rehab

It’s training cats and dogs at the RééduCat & Dog centre

Riviera Reporter | Nov 18, 2015
Launched in September 2014, RééduCat & Dog is the first centre in the PACA region specialising in physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture for animals. Veterinian Hélène Fugier had the idea of opening the centre for pets – when…
Puppy Love

The Bereavement Support Network of the Var can help when losing a pet

Riviera Reporter | Jun 15, 2015
According to the UK’s Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA), a report on pet ownership trends sampled over two years estimates that 13 million UK households (that’s 46%) have a pet, while across Europe, the figure is around 70 million (25% have…
Sick Dog

Crousti Chronicles: A puddle of foamy yellow bile

CôteTails | May 12, 2014
Every once in a while we play fetch in the apartment with Crousti. We don’t have much space so it’s not too difficult for the dog to retrieve the thrown toy or make the distance back to us. He loves it and gets himself rather worked up. I’m not a…
Post Puppy Depression

Crousti Chronicles: Post Puppy Depression (PPD)

CôteTails | Feb 01, 2014
The days leading up to getting our dog were exciting. Last minute phone calls to organise a rendez-vous with the breeder, calls with Antibes vet Dr Gittins, making room at home for the new baby … I really had no idea that the higher the hype…

Crousti Chronicles: The dreaded deed of housetraining

CôteTails | Jan 08, 2014
Having never trained a dog in any sense of the word, I really had no idea what to expect when it came to house training. And all I can say is thank God we don’t have carpeted floors. I followed the lead of my husband, whose past toilet training…
Puppy wearing Christmas Reindeer Hat

Crousti Chronicles: Christmas must-haves for puppies

CôteTails | Dec 16, 2013
My good friend Domi in London has a Bichon Frise named Timmy. Timmy became famous around the world about five years ago when he married Muffin in a rather lavish affair at Harrods in London. (I kid you not: see here). Unfortunately I had to RSVP…
Crousti Puppy

Crousti Chronicles: The breeders

CôteTails | Dec 11, 2013
With crate in tow, we set off to find the dog of our dreams at Elevage Les Cotons de Tulear d'Ivandry in Cameret sur Aiguest, near Orange. By appointment with the breeder Mme Cellier, we were greeted with the task of choosing from four ten-week-old…
Coton Dog

Crousti Chronicles: Your choice of the litter, finding and choosing a dog

CôteTails | Nov 29, 2013
I’ve always been a dog person. It’s not that I have an aversion to cats like I do for andouillette, but growing up we had dogs in our home and so that was what I knew. The only cat I ever took to was Hobbes, my brother’s cat. But he was declawed and…
A Border Collie joins a climb

Walkies on the Wild Side, a Border Collie joins a climb

Nick Kent | Nov 01, 2013
There he was, big round bell on the collar, guarding his herd of cows at the vacherie above the Col St Martin, the Mercantour venue for that week’s outing of the Club Alpin Français, Cannes Division. The Border Collie has an active, some would say…
SOS Foyers Chiens Ages

A helping hand for old hounds, SOS Foyers Chiens Agés

Riviera Reporter | Oct 22, 2013
A new refuge for elderly dogs has opened on the road between Cabris and St-Vallier-de-Thiey. SOS Foyers Chiens Agés provides shelter for dogs of all shapes and sizes (sick, lame, blind, elderly) which other charities are not able or willing to…

Be aware of the hot dog

Eileen Geeson | Jul 08, 2013
Our grooming expert Eileen Geeson brings you the best advice to keep your pet free from trouble in the heat Dogs can suffer in the hot weather and every year pets left in cars or other enclosed areas die. Even left at home we need to be sure there…
Dog at vet

Insurance policies for pooches

Riviera Reporter | Apr 11, 2013
Here’s an odd statistic: while 80% of Swedes take out health insurance for their dog as do 35% of Brits, only 4% of the French hold a policy to cover vets’ bills. One common explanation we’ve heard is that health insurance for dogs is expensive –…
Dog Walking

The canine connection

Riviera Reporter | Apr 03, 2013
Dr Thomas Stuttaford, the very sensible medical columnist of The Oldie, wrote recently of the key role dogs play in human social life. Not only do they themselves offer valued companionship to their owners but, as any dog walker knows, they often…
Travelling from France with Fido

Travelling from France with Fido

Riviera Reporter | Mar 25, 2013
A travelorg survey in 2009 showed that nearly 50% of US leisure travellers consider their pet to be part of the family and 18% usually take their pet with them when they travel. If you’re moving or travelling and want to take your dog, Transports…

What about your dog when you go on holiday?

Pauline Baker | May 29, 2012
Dogs often look worried and stressed as their owners pack to go on holiday. And that departure – with or without the pooch – needs careful planning. Pauline Baker offers some advice For some dogs, of course, their owner’s holiday plans can have a…

When man’s best friend needs a friend, the SPA in Eze

Cressida van Zyl-Pithey | Jan 09, 2012
Cressida van Zyl-Pithey visits the SPA refuge in Eze When I visited the SPA refuge in Eze, my host was Director Jan Bradshaw, a former veterinary nurse from Glasgow who was invited by Princess Antoinette of Monaco to come here to look after her…

Euthanasia for old dogs

Nigel Gittins | Jan 09, 2012
Firstly, I would like to point out that relative old age in dogs and cats is a state that can be made quite comfortable for the animal, in a similar way to humans. A comprehensive clinical examination is indicated, in addition to a complete blood…

What is Leishmaniosis?

Riviera Reporter | Jan 09, 2012
"We hear that leishmaniosis is becoming commoner in this part of France. Could you explain what the disease is, how it spreads, whether there is a vaccine and an effective treatment for dogs who have it?” This is indeed a very dangerous and…
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