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It’s training cats and dogs at the RééduCat & Dog centre

Dog in rehab

Launched in September 2014, RééduCat & Dog is the first centre in the PACA region specialising in physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture for animals.

Veterinian Hélène Fugier had the idea of opening the centre for pets – when their condition requires rehabilitation in addition to veterinary care – based on a clinic in Turin, Italy, that started 13 years ago.

Dr Fugier decided to specialise in osteopathy, and together with fellow veterinarian Nathalie Denais, they based their practice on a mix of treatments: laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Tecar therapy (electromagnetic waves), a hydrotherapy pool with an underwater treadmill, osteopathy and veterinarian acupuncture. From diagnosis to rehab sessions, everything is planned so that the animal recovers as well as possible and under the best conditions.

Since its opening last year, more than 110 patients, mostly dogs, have been treated for conditions ranging from osteoarthritis (the most common case) to herniated discs through hip dysplasia. Post-operative care also exists for pet accommodation or short to long-term hospitalisation.

For Dr Denais, animals must be happy to be at the clinic, which is why games play an important role in rehabilitation: “Without their participation, our work could not be achieved.”

For some “petients”, the transition at RééduCat & Dog centre gives a new lease on life, as evidenced by the case of Laelynn, a small quadriplegic dog in long-term accommodation. “The vets at the RééduCat & Dog centre who take care of Laelynn are amazing. The resources and techniques established in this clinic are wonderful and we encourage anyone looking for rehabilitation for their pet following an accident, surgery or illness, to contact them.”

See www.reeducation-veterinaire.fr or call 04 93 94 09 29

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