Profiles of Residents

Some Riviera residents and their stories.

John Hefford: Obituary
John Collingwood: Obituary
Avery Glize-Kane: Obituary
Remembering Roy Cox
Henning Mankell: Paradise after Wallander
Ruby Soames: “I’m not a heart surgeon”
Where in the world was Chris Vos?
Mitch Waite: The Reporter’s tribute to an artist who brought the Riviera to life
Paula Radcliffe: A world champion finds peace and sport in Monaco
William Scott - Artist
Billur Gungoren and the School of Happiness
Charles Glass - Writer and journalist
Lisa and Johann Pepin - Les Pastras
Louise Pinet - Vet
Richard West and Susanne Batstone - Old and younger in Menton
Peter Watts - Grimaud Parish Priest
Robert Adelson - Museum curator
William Aldridge - The man who allows Inspector Wallander to speak English
Laurent Lenne - A thoroughly modern priest
Simon Taylor - British Consul in Marseille
Lori Armstrong - A Canadian on the Coast
Daniel Benchimol - Top doctor
Pierre Gruneberg - Swimming instructor
Stuart Barham - Pianist
Ted Jones - Author
Stephen Roche - Cyclist
Linda Hough - Life coach
Nicky Hooper - Hairdresser
Lucy Howard - Antibes's Advocate
Perry Spitz - Behind the Goal
Vivienne Rion - Midwife
Hilary Spronken brings up her handicapped daughter
Dianne Brothwell - Running on the spot
Wayne Barrett's World
Marc Wolff - Helicopter pilot
Christian Nielsen and Jaren Lamb - A tale of two expats in Tourrettes
Walter Raymond - Chaplain, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Monaco
Colonel Ronald Challoner, OBE: Honorary Consul in Nice
Kathie Hallett - Air traffic controller
Kate Palthey - Football mum
Alfred Head - Local Artist
Ted Dexter - English captain and Riviera resident
Nigel Gittins - Veterinary surgeon
Duncan Larkin - The man with a chuckle in his voice
Nicholas Vyvyan - Gendarme
Former Riviera Radio presenter convicted in Wales
John and Julie Sweet - First France, then South Africa
Robert Ryan - The Man at Morrisons
Jon Kershaw - Marineland's Dolphin Man