Settling in with the AVF and a helpful read

Guides S'Installer NiceLes Guides S’Installer à Nice Côte d’Azur (France: Héliopoles) is part of a series of “anti-tourist guides” – also available for Paris, Lyon and Marseille – released in association with AVFs across the country. Very attractively designed, these books are incredibly detailed with all you need to know about living in a new city, including quality of life, healthcare, housing, safety, children, education, transportation, economy and employment. In each edition there’s a Practical Moving Guide which, intended for those moving from one department to another, gives guidelines as to changing banks or licence plates, registering to vote, updating identity cards, etc – citing websites with the Cerfa forms to download. There’s also a calendar leading up to your move of what needs to be done when.

Author Vincent-Xavier Morvan, a correspondent for Le Figaro, has thoroughly tackled Nice. His statistics (10,000 new arrivals per year; Nice is ranked 2nd in France for scams and fraud) and insight of how things work in Nice are enlightening, even if you are not intending to move. My only complaint is that under local media, he refers to a local English monthly newspaper but fails to mention this publication, which has existed for 25 years.

Hélioples, by the way, is looking for partners to invest in English versions of Les Guides S’Installer à. Interested parties should contact Zoé Leroy (01 78 10 38 99 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).