A real “chick flick”, farming film upsets locals

The village of Loué is well-known for its free-range poultry but chicken breeders were in a flap when they learned about a “farmer’s daughter” movie being shot in their central France town.

Free Range Chickens

Realising that is was a porn film, residents quickly ruffled the camera crew’s feathers and chased them away.

The adult video – which opens with: “The producers went to meet 33-year-old Sophie, a chicken breeder, who wanted to make a video for her husband as a Valentine’s Day gift …” – got more than 2 million hits after its online debut on February 12th, 2014.

“No, she’s not a Loué chicken breeder … ” the director of Fermiers de Loué cooperative told a French paper.

Although it’s illegal to shoot porn in broad daylight in the streets of France, no charges have been, er, laid.

Photo: woodley wonderworks