Books and Guides relevant to France or the Riviera.

Graham Lord's full life: Lord of the Files Written by Philip Irwin
The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands on home exchange Written by Riviera Reporter
Monaco turns the page: BOMO Book Boutique Written by Riviera Reporter
Paris Night: A political thriller with many layers Written by Riviera Reporter
Interview with Piu Marie Eatwell, author of They Eat Horses Don’t They? Written by Nancy Heslin
They Eat Horses Don’t They? The Truth About the French Written by Nancy Heslin
France on Two Wheels: Six Long Bike Rides for the Bon Vivant Cyclist Written by PJ Heslin
L’Auberge: A real "inn" to French living Written by Nancy Heslin
Taxi! Written by Patrick Middleton
Paris in the spring of 1968 Written by Patrick Middleton
An everyday story of (expat) country folk Written by Riviera Reporter
Mediterranean Homesick Blues Written by Karen Hockney
Vous avez vraiment tout compris? Written by Patrick Middleton
Settling in with the AVF and a helpful read Written by Riviera Reporter
There’s more to the French Riviera than sun, sea and shady people Written by Patrick Middleton
Graciousness, decency and protective silence Written by Patrick Middleton
The Riviera’s history man Written by Patrick Middleton
In-Flight reading: Going Dutch Written by Nancy Wilson
An unusual take on French history Written by Patrick Middleton
Long before Fogwell Jefferson was here Written by Patrick Middleton
Victoria's secret: "Dear Cimiez" Written by Riviera Reporter
Grace by Robert Lacey Written by Riviera Reporter
Intercultural Marriage - Promises And Pitfalls, A New Book about Mixed Marriages Written by Jill Penton-Browne
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