Books and Guides relevant to France or the Riviera.

Running High, Running Low, Running Long by Ben Rolfe
Interview with Carol Drinkwater, the bee’s knees
The English Book Centre, just around the 17th-century corner in Valbonne
Hugh Fraser talks about his new book “Harm”, will be signing copies in Antibes
400 Words at 5.30 with Nannies: Inside the Lost World of Sports Journalism by Peter Bills
VendrediLecture, one for the books on social media
Freelance in France by Barth Hulley
Fenella Holt opens a new English bookshop in Antibes
The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris
Hidden Assets by Alan Watson
Heidi's English Bookshop, Antibes Books, is closing its doors
Why bestselling Jenny Colgan’s a write-off for the French
Graham Lord's full life: Lord of the Files
The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands on home exchange
Monaco turns the page: BOMO Book Boutique
Paris Night: A political thriller with many layers
Interview with Piu Marie Eatwell, author of They Eat Horses Don’t They?
They Eat Horses Don’t They? The Truth About the French
France on Two Wheels: Six Long Bike Rides for the Bon Vivant Cyclist
L’Auberge: A real "inn" to French living
War Taxi, Peace Taxi by Raymond Gatti
The Spy She Loved by John Hefford
Bon Courage, Les Anglais by Peter and Christine Wakefield
Mediterranean Homesick Blues by Ben Chatfield
The Routledge Dictionary of Cultural References in Modern French
Settling in with the AVF and a helpful read
The French Riviera: A Cultural History by Julian Hale
The Diamond Queen by Andrew Marr
The Riviera’s history man, Michael Nelson
Going Dutch in Beijing by Mark McCrum
The Discovery of France by Graham Robb
Americans and the Making of the Riviera by Michael Nelson
Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera by Michael Nelson
Grace by Robert Lacey
Intercultural Marriage, Promises And Pitfalls: a new book about mixed marriages